Sunday, January 22, 2017

Currently: Late January edition

Wearing: Copper Hills high cross country shirt, jeans, wool socks. (I can't think of a day in at least 2 months when I haven't worn wool socks. They complete me.)

Drinking: water, after dumping out a half-empty Coke.

In my belly: Apollo Burger. I'm slightly obsessed with it lately, but tonight wasn't as good as usual, so maybe we need a break. Like the break we are currently taking from Cafe Rio, after a 2 month binge. (Who knew the tacos were so good? I've spent years eating the salads without knowing the tacos are where it's at.)

Watching: Steelers vs Patriots. Things aren't looking so good in the 2nd half.

Enjoying: having a family room light again. The light part of the ceiling fan went out in December and so we sat in the dark for over a month. We finally got one yesterday. Let there be light!

Reading: nothing interesting. I bought a book last week - Midnight Witch - but it's not calling out to me yet after 2 chapters (too many details about houses and furnishings and the characters all have titles and such. I don't need all the fluff, just give me story, and good characters, dammit!) I just finished After You and A Man Called Ove, both of which were really enjoyable.

Just finished: The Crown, on Netlix, which is about Queen Elizabeth et all in the 1950s. It was sooo good. Highly recommend.

Waiting: for the next This is Us. This is my favorite new show. We also watch Timeless, but that is pretty unrealistic and the plot is all over the place. But, I can't remember having more than weekly show to enjoy in a long time; for years, we only had Modern Family.

Trying: to spend a lot less time on my phone.  I can get lost in checking and rechecking the same things. I love it when people I love and am close to post, but it seems like they don't often (not that I do much, either!) so spending time doing other things. Or trying to.

Trying: hot power yoga. I went for the first time last Thursday. I didn't love the teacher. I didn't think the studio was very friendly. I didn't love how slippery my mat got. And there was a 6 foot 5 hipster who breathed and sighed so much during the class he nearly drove me to distraction (Millennial hipster yogis may be the most annoying demographic in the world.)  But I felt really good aftewards; I drove home in a peaceful thoughtless stupor, which was nice (no really, it really was nice.) I also liked that I went sort of on a whim with a person at work who I don't know well at all.

Loving: that Shane and I went to dinner this week for our anniversary. It's strange to be able to just leave and go to dinner together, no babysitters to obtain or arrangements to make other than food and/or friends for the kids. We ate at Carino's which is Italian food. Or, American Italian food, I should say, since none of the food in Italy was ever as adulterated as the Italian here. But I'm probably snobbish about Italian now.

Running: on the treadmill. I haven't been outside since before Christmas. It's been ok, but it will be nice to get outside sometime soon.

Considering: getting a goldendoodle. Gasp. I've never wanted a dog; in fact, we have often congratulated ourselves at how much we don't want or need a dog. But the universe is sending us messages that one is in our future. Amy tells me I don't have to be a victim to the universe, but this will probably happen in a few months. I know. I KNOW.

Disbelieving: everything that is happening in current events with the person who is in the White House. It's unbelievable.

Planning: on walking over to the start of the Women's March tomorrow. I'm starting to pay more attention to what is happening, who the players are, and what my role can be in this world. I've stayed on the sidelines for too long, hoping that others would ensure that the world was ok. Not anymore.

Blessing: the beautiful snow. I want to go snowshoeing so very much! It's not been fun to drive in, but I love that we are having good storms this winter, which not only helps our drought, but keeps our air cleaner. Just say no to inversions!

What is current in your world?


Janeal said...

Fun post! Your first line caught my eye...wearing: Copper Hills High cross country shirt. I have a bunch of those husband is Coach Smith. He said your son is one of the nicest kids on the team. I enjoy your blog and had no idea we had any kind of connection. Small world!

Amy Sorensen said...

Love you, but you don't want a dog! :)

Happy anniversary a few days late. I was too entrenched in misery to notice, I'm sorry, bad sister!

Feisty Harriet said...

I've literally had this open in a tab for a MONTH waiting to comment. I'm the worst. But I think you are fab, and I wanted you to know I'm paying attention. Delayed, but still.