Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random ramblings.

So, things have been crazy lately, which has resulted in even less blogging. I know, the world is crying and all, but I still feel like there is a hole in my life, having not put anything “real” on my blog for a long time. And, if I have “random” in the title, I feel like I can talk about a few things that have happened lately, and not be worried about staying focused on one thing. So here goes.

This week, Amy and I went to a funeral for my oldest niece Kayci’s sweet baby boy. I was so grateful to be able to go, since it was held in Rexburg, Idaho. After a frusterating morning, Amy and I literally flew up to Rexburg and made it to the viewing and funeral with minutes to spare. I felt like we had angels pushing our car to help us make it in time. It was hard to see my family in such a sad setting. We are all so heartbroken for Kayci and her husband Jeff. They have an older daughter, Grace, who is just the cutest, feistiest little girl. I haven’t seen her in a few months, and she has grown up so much, and looks so much like her mom. Since we were so rushed getting to Rexburg, Amy and I took a little more time afterwards and spent some time with Kayci and were able to visit her apartment to see where they live. We even got to see the brand new town homes that Jeff and Kayci will be moving to in December (hope, hope!). It was great to see her and her sweet little family. They live just down the hill from the new Rexburg LDS temple. It is such a beautiful building. They will be able to look out their window each day and see it gleaming on the hill; how lucky!

The ride to and from the funeral was spent talking, talking, talking with Amy. She had brought a new CD to listen to, but honestly, I didn’t hear more than a few bars of the music. When we are together, we are able to say pretty much anything to each other. Having that time with her made the day just a little easier. We understand each other pretty well, which is a blessing in both of our lives, I think.

Today, being Halloween, I took off half the day so I could spend some time in Thomas’ class to help with his party. It was so fun being in his classroom, seeing how he interacts with his teacher and friends. I helped at the “mummy” game, where each of the children were able to wrap one of their classmates in toilet paper to look like a mummy. They loved it! I loved tonight when I asked Thomas the “what was your favorite part?” question, and he answered, “The mummy game!” He is such a sweet boy.

I also got some pretty cool news today. A while ago, I posted an essay I had written for the county library contest. I found out today that they selected my essay to publish in the library’s quarterly newsletter! I was so excited when I found out. I am just excited that I had followed through with something I had wanted to do, and actually did it. Until I started this blog a few months ago, I hadn’t written much in years. I know I could do more, but I feel like this blog has taken me out of the doldrums of liking to write but never actually doing it. Now I have a forum where I can write things, however silly, and feel some sense that I’m not just wasting that English degree I got 10 years ago. It has been fun, and I’m grateful for blogging, and for the people I have met through blogging.

Anyhow, I really should be folding some laundry now, so I will close. Thanks for reading my randomalities!


Melanie said...

Congratulations on your essay! I'm not surprised at all - it was a very moving piece. I'm so sad for Kayci. I hope she can feel some comfort in such a dark time.

Amy said...

I'm SOOOOO proud of you for winning the essay competition. YAY!!!

Thomas Family said...

Hi Becky,
I found out how to do this! Yay!! I hope you can figure out how to find me hehe! :) I love you beck!!