Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gratitude, Day 10

Well, I should have about 15 of these gratitude entries, but life happens, so I can just be “grateful” I wrote as much as I did, and be happy about it.

Ever since last night I’ve known what I want to blog about today. A little history: in September, I had a bunion taken off my right foot. The thing was bothering me a bit when I ran, and I could get it done for free through a drug study, so I did it. I am pretty much done with doctor appointments and stuff, but I hadn’t really gotten back into my “Tuesday running day” routine.

Until last night. I thought I would just get on the treadmill and walk, but it felt so good that I ran and ran, and then ran a little more. I ended up doing much more running than walking, and a good bit of the time was at a level that I used to run at a lot when I wanted to be speedy. There I was, flying along on the treadmill, a grin from ear to ear as I ran to all my favorite songs on the mp3: “Read my Mind” by the Killers, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol (I always see Izzie in my mind, wearing her pink dress! Why did Denny have to die?), “Head on” by Jesus and Mary Chain. I’m paying for it today; my toe is a little swollen and sore, but it is so worth it.

I can run again! (cue the angels singing “hallelujah” in the background, beating their wings and smiling down on my smiling face!)

And with that, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Eve, when rolls and turkeys and pies are prepared in the quiet of the night. May all your pies be flaky, your rolls fluffy, your turkeys juicy (and de-gibleted; I will only make THAT mistake once!) and your gravy unlumpy. Yay! It’s Thanksgiving!