Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving thoughts…

Amy did a challenge to write down our thoughts for thanksgiving. I intended to do it anyway, but it was a really good reminder, so here goes!
  • Thanksgiving Eve was spent making rolls. I loved that I was making rolls, while my sister and mom were simultaneously making the same recipe. Even though we weren’t eating together, it made me feel very close to both of them. And a little jealous that they were making pies and I wasn’t (chickened out!)
  • It is so nice having only one family dinner to go to. We have had more to go to in the past, and usually our holidays are spent running from one county to another, driving forever, and getting home really late, exhausted. This thanksgiving, we only had one family to visit, which was lovely. We had a great meal, the rolls I made were so good (if I do say so myself!), and we were home and in bed by 8:30. What a peaceful holiday!
  • I didn’t have really anything to get up at any sickening hour of the morning for on Friday, so we slept in until 9am. Lovely! That is one nice thing about my kids: they may not go to sleep at night, but they will sleep til 8:30 or 9 with no problem. I love that!
  • All of my Christmas decorations were up by noon on Friday. My kids (all three, the biggest one was the most excited! Shane LOVES Christmas) helped me decorate everything. It was so fun! I love seeing my stuff come out each year, and adding new items to treasure. I love decorating for Christmas most of any holiday.
  • We braved the craziness of the mall on Saturday afternoon just to get out. I can’t believe there are that many early shoppers! It was packed.
  • I spent a quiet evening sewing on Saturday night while Shane went to a movie at a friend’s house. Before the kids went to bed, Thomas, Ben and I watched Bridge to Terebinthia, and I thought I would cry my eyes out. Thomas kept wiping my eyes for me and asking me if I was okay. I love movies that make you cry!
  • I tried out the “new” Sunday school class, and it’s okay. A few friends are in that class who I can sit by, so even if the lesson isn’t that great, the company is. I guess it is good to change things up every now and again.

I loved this year’s thanksgiving, and felt so blessed. I think that the lists and entries I did leading up to the day really helped me to make it a special year. It is always nice to count your blessings! I hope you got to count yours, too.


Amy Sorensen said...

Hey! I'm glad your rolls turned out well and that the day went smoothly. Want to come and decorate MY house? I'm not feelin' it yet. TTYS!

Stephanie said...

I loved reading about your Thanksgiving! I love it when a holiday isn't too over-planned to be able to just relax and enjoy it. I have also enjoyed reading about all the things you're thankful for! I particularly loved your last post about running. As a fellow runner (although I am taking a break right now) I know exactly what you are talking about! I love those moments when something inside of me just makes me want to run as fast and far as I can. It is such an exhilerating, liberating feeling! I wish I felt it this very moment. I am so happy that your surgery went well and that you're running again. Enjoy it! I'll have to pick it up again one of these days...