Saturday, July 5, 2008

And on the 33rd year...

Come tomorrow, my age will be divisible by 11. This is a rarity in our lives; it can only happen 6, 7 or maybe even 8 times if we are lucky. This will be my third go around. Yay, me!

In celebration of 33 years on this planet, here are 33 words & what they mean to me right now. I'm going to write these as fast as I can and TRY to not self-edit. So, if they come across not making much sense, blame my stream of consciousness.

1 - grateful: for sons, husbands, friends

2 - hopeful that I get a cake tomorrow (who doesn't like cake on their b-day?)

3 - fireworks - the ones that we did with 2 neighbor families last night, a casual gathering full of people I love

4 - friends, like Melanie and Shelly and Amy and so many others who make my life good

5 - mountains, which I am wanting to climb this year (one in particular, Timpanogas)

6 - kids, who are cuddled in bed together; sweet, sweet brothers, especially while unconscious

7 - piano, which I got to play for a half an hour tonight, practicing a new piece that doesn't sound as pretty under my fingers as others who I know

8 - church tomorrow.

9 - running. particularly the one that Shane and I snuck in on Wednesday night, letting our children self-govern themselves for one precious half-hour. A guilty pleasure

10 - talk, which my husband and I were able to do on said run. You just get to the BONES of stuff when you are talking while out of breath to begin with. Some of our best discussions of our marriage have been while running. What a treat.

11 - hot. The days are so warm; I am missing our cool spring showers.

12 - flowers. Particularly my lilies, which are blooming like crazy. I am missing 2 day lilies that I used to have, one wine-red, another purple, which have somehow disappeared.

(losing momentum; do I really have 21 more?)

13 - food. Barbecued hamburgers are my favorites during the summer.

14 - sewing. I have not been idle in regards to my sewing machine this summer. I never thought I would enjoy it the way I do, but I love it.

15 - Awkward. The chance, horribly-timed encounter with family members this weekend who we don't speak with anymore. It just really is terrible when families don't act like families anymore.

16 - cats. Incessantly walking around my house, losing their fur and begging me to pet them. 3 is really a lot of cats once you get them in a house. I love them though.

17 - Ah, 17. What an age that was. I think it was one of my favorites. The young don't know how good they have it while they are there.

18 - blogging. I never imagined that I would enjoy this hobby so much. It has been great having a reason to get out of my writing slump. I love writing & knowing it will be read by someone.

19 - friends from blogging. I have made some really good friends doing this. I know that each of you have enriched my life. Thanks for letting me read your world, and for reading mine.

20 - dates. I love going on them with my husband. They don't happen often.

21 - pink. I got to buy a PINK onsie at BabyGap tonight, just because it was on sale & knew it would look adorable on my friend Shelly's week-old baby girl.

22 - absence of buying pink in my normal life. I'm glad I have friends who have girls. Boy stuff, while cute, just isn't the same emotionally.

23 - I was 23 when I married Shane. I thought I was so old, and now I know I was so young.

24 - house. I am so glad I have a house. There is nothing in the world like coming home.

25 - 4th of July. A party before my own personal party. I love the 4th.

26 - swimming. Something we have been doing a lot of this year. It is such good time to spend with the kids. There aren't any distractions to keep you from your kids when are playing with them in the pool. And what is better than dunking them? Having them come up laughing, water streaming off their faces is the best.

27 - family. Sure, we have our ups and downs. But I know I would be lost without them.

28 - sisters. Mine are such a big part of my life. They keep me sane & help me see things with a different perspective some days; others they join in on my complaining and we each get to relieve our frustrations. So, so glad I have them.

29 - babies. I have 4 close neighbors either pregnant or with newborns, another friend, a coworker, and a neice pregnant. I think I will remember 2008 as the year when everyone I knew reproduced.

30 - clothes. So hard to find any that I like. I looked in 5 different shops tonight and ended up buying stuff for the kids. Does anyone else think everything is UGLY these days?

31 - thai food. Oooohhh, thai food, thy name is bliss. Say the word "curry" and I'm there.

32 - the age that is now slipping through my fingertips. Good-bye, 32; you were pretty good to me, on the whole.

33 - opportunity. What will the next year bring? What new challenges will fill the next year? It's exciting & terrifying all at once to consider...Ready or not, here I come.


Ginger said...

That is a great post! Happy Birthday! I am with you on the pink. I LOVE being able to buy pink whenever I have the opportunity.

Jeff & Kayci Bitton said...

Happy birthday!! I will be 22 this year...11 years difference? didn't know that for some odd reason. That was a fun post to read, I sure love you and hope your birthday is a great one! (I agree with you about the girl clothes thing, I am REALLY excited to that again:)

Amy Sorensen said...

Happy birthday! I sent you an email because I am an idioto and don't have a cell phone to call you with. Hope it was great!!!!

Isabel said...

Hope your birthday rocked.

And dude, WE'RE OLD!

Lucy said...

Happy, happy birthday (belated...although I did read this on the actual day on reader...but then got distracted and now I'm late). I think you are such a terrific person so I can whole-heartedly wish you 33 happy things all year.