Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Random thoughts

Yesterday I put a huge amount of time into writing what was probably the whiniest post ever written in the history of the blogosphere. I posted it, and 20 minutes later deleted it. I don't think anyone beyond my husband read it, which is a good thing.

It went something like this: Whine, whine, whine, my extended family makes me whine because of whiney things they whined at me 16 years ago. Poor me. Boo hoo.

You should have read it. Wait, actually, be glad you didn't.

But then I read my sister's blog, which detailed an accident that had happened to her father-in-law and I realized just how whiney I sounded. My stupid post suddenly seemed so inconsequential. I'm still glad that I wrote it, because like I said, Shane read it and it gave us something really good to talk about on our drive home. But I didn't really need to share it with the world.

It made me think about blogging in general. I've been so inspired by other bloggers use of their blog to uplift and inspire others. I don't think that many people come here to my blog for that. I don't know that my blog has a specific purpose, other than I love being able to have a place to write things that I'd never write otherwise. I love reading the comments that my blogging friends make. I seriously read them again and again (I'm a little embarrassed to admit that!) and enjoy them each time. But I don't think that I just write for comments. I like sharing my little corner of the world with the world. If I learn something along the way, even better, and if I make a new friend, that is the best.

So thanks to all my blogging friends. You are very welcome in my life, and I treasure our acquaintance.

I spent some time listening to conference talks yesterday as well. I listened to Elder Ballard's talk, which was intended for young mothers. How this talk inspired me. He reminded me that our children only spend a quarter of their life under our direct supervision. How important this time is that we have with them! And what an absent mother I can be sometimes, even when I'm in the same room! I was reminded that I need to try to put away my selfishness and focus on them more while they are still little. The time will come when they won't be yelling at me to watch them try to do a cartwheel or asking me to make them a paper airplane. I'm ashamed that I needed such a reminder, but inspired that I can and will do better. I guess we all need reminders every now and then.

I went home and spent more time with my boys. I watched Thomas pretending to be a Karate teacher, and Ben trying to do everything he could to thwart Thomas' pretending. I handled things a little differently when they started fighting with each other over the swimming kick board that Thomas was using as his pretend skateboard. I really tried to see them, and be with them. It was only few minutes, but it made me feel so much closer to them. Hopefully I can remember those feelings and act on them more frequently.

So ends my random thoughts. I've got about ten other things I want to write about (Ben starting preschool is one of them; squeee - 2 free hours a week, guilt free!!!) but they'll have to wait. Happy Tuesday to everyone.


Amy Sorensen said...

That talk by Elder Ballard is one of my favorites. Maybe because I also love Anna Quindlen, but still, it is all so true. I try to be present but I know I also need to try harder.

At any rate, I'm dying to know what you wrote in your whiny blog, as I have been thinking a lot lately about our childhood/teenagedoms, the choices our parents made, the choices *I* made, etc. Some whining has been involved. I get it!!!

Becky K said...

Amy - I have a confession. I deleted it from the blog, but not altogether. I'll email it.

Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

I want to know too:) I have done many a whiny posts that got deleted right away too. I think most women do. It is so wonderful to have those little reminders, thanks for mine today! Love you!

Ginger said...

Becky I love your blog and this post was uplifting! Thank you. But now you have to post your whiney blog. I am pretty sure most of mine are whiney. It is such a great release. Blogger friends always understand.

Yeah for preschool!!!!!!