Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some random stuff

  • (A thought while running tonight, listening to my mp3) "Really, Alanis Morrisette? All that angst over UNCLE JOEY?"(Apparently he recently talked to the media about Alanis and the song, saying that she was an angry person and that he might of hurt her. Really? UNCLE JOEY?)

  • Mamma Mia, which might be my favorite movie ever, just keeps going through my brain over and over. I bought the soundtrack. I've listened to it about a zillion times. Me and my kids are singing the songs together in the car. How did I miss this awesome musical? What closet have I been hiding in? I cried during the part when they sang Dancing Queen. It made me remember being young with my friends and dancing and watching movies about dancing and going dancing...Rebecca, if you read this post: I miss you. I miss us.

  • While getting ready to go down to help get my dad situated, I pondered which camera to take. Then I wondered: do you really document such an event? I took it, but I thought it was a little weird, taking pictures of something that isn't really a happy thing. Strange.

  • It has been a year this week since I had a big bunion cut off my foot. It's strange that a - I had a bunion and b - it's now gone. I remember after I was out of surgery and the doctor was leaving, I asked if they could bring me the remains of my bunion. They told me no, it was in the garbage. Then I made a fool of myself calling people while drugged. Fun stuff. But, a year ago today, my foot looked like this: Yes, I took a picture of it the morning before. I miss that bump a little, and the ability to curl my big toe under. But I added another cool scar to my foot scar collection. Yay for me.

  • I am blogging tonight because I'm stalling. I should be working on a blanket I'm making for a friend who is having a baby, and the blanket is turning out to be hideously ugly and I don't have the energy to buy more fabric to make it cute. So I'm blogging instead. Yay for you, huh?

Alright. Enough stalling. Ugly as it may be, I'll try to finish the blanket.

And thanks to everyone for reading my post yesterday. I hope it wasn't whiney. I just wanted to document that day for me and my family. I love having the internet to share those kinds of things.


Ginger said...

Interesting. I never knew that was over Uncle Joey. Jesse was a lot cuter than Joey.

Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

Cool bunion!=) I am waiting for a friend in the ward to bring me some scrap wood for my card table, so I can actually get started on the quilt I am wanting to make. Even if you think it is ugly, will you post pictures?

Jeanette said...

I wanna see your blanket....and your foot now that it doesn't have a bump. Funny, I remember your bunion but I am not sure I have really noticed your feet since then. Probably because I quit coming to church where I sat and looked at your sandaled feet for two hours =0P (Can't look up because they might call on me to answer a question, and I will feel stupid if they call on me and I don't know the answer, which I would probably know if I went to church more often LOL)

And for the record, I found your post poignant, not whiney.

And I am sitting here, two doors down eating a spoonful of raw cookie dough because I know if I bake cookies I will eat them all, better to stick with a spoonful, I am hating myself enough just for that without eating the whole batch *Sigh*

Jeanette said...

Oh and PS, what Alanis song are you talking about? I am intrigued now.

Becky K said...

"You oughta know"

(The original angry chick song. Ah, takes me back to 1995).

And, um, bring those cookies down to me and then you won't have to eat them all!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I miss you too! Love you always, Rebecca

Jeanette said...

Yeah, I never made the cookies, sorry.

Gonna have to go check out the Alanis song. I'm intrigued