Monday, September 29, 2008

Where I admit to buying a doll. For myself.

I think that as parents, we all live vicariously through our children.

Take Christmas at our house, for example. Shane knows all the toys to buy my kids. He suggests toys and entertainment items that end up being exactly what the boys want because of one little secret: it's what he really wants. Most years, I don't know who is more excited for the toys to be opened, him or the kids. He wants to play with the trucks and put together the legos and drive the remote control cars.

This is all fine and dandy. For him. But what about MY living vicariously?

None of the aforemention items were included in my childhood Christmases. With 3 sisters, Christmas was a mass of clothes and baby dolls and barbies and anything else that went along with girls. As my boys have outgrown Little People (which I totally loved, and therefore enjoyed having them opened during the past few Christmases) I get less and less vicariously living through their toys.

Now this same principle applies to most events where the purchasing of toys comes into play. Sadly, most often the toys that get purchased around my house come housed in a paper box underneath little pieces of edible chicken and french fries. There are times when even these lame toys are fun enough for Shane to want to play with. Me? I get nothing.

So I recently took matters into my own hands. Meet my two new friends.

I am a little (but only a little) bit embarressed to say how inordinately excited I was that McDonalds had the Wizard of Oz dolls available in the female brand of Happy Meals. It was physically painful to leave the McDonalds lobby in our local Walmart when I saw them. There I stood with my two boys, each of us ogling the Happy Meal toys (they had Bat Man toys for boys, you see). I determined that we really needed to eat out for dinner that night, and was happy to buy the kids Micky D's while we ordered Cafe Rio takeout.

"Oh, and can you throw in one of the Wicked Witch of the West dolls with those boy Happy Meals? Oh, she costs $1.69? That's fine." A week later, after my new green faced dolly spent days sitting on the kitchen counter all alone, I bought her friend Scarecrow. I'm on a mission to get Dorothy, and then I think I'll be satisfied.

I'll admit that once the excitement of teasing Thomas and Ben in the car about how much they secretly wanted my WWoftheWest doll more than their Bat Mat ship, it wasn't really that exciting having a doll around. I mean, it's not like I have time to sit around and play with her.

But, for a minute, I got to be a girl. I got to buy a girl toy, something I don't have much experience with in my life full of jumping, wrestling, noise-creating --but incredibly cute-- boys. It was fun and spontaneous and made me feel a little more joy in my life for a little while.

If only the hat would come off. I was dying to brush Wicked Witch's hair. Even with the green face, she's a lot cuter than Bat Man.

And come on, admit it. You know you wanted one too.


Ginger said...

I do want one, I want them all!! So you know your husband, Shane? I am JUST like that at Christmas with my kids. Lane has no input whatsoever and he never gets excited over the toys but I do. I am the one who puts it all together and starts playing with it. I wonder if that means I am manly. I even love love Geotrax. I love building it and making the train go around and around so my kids always get geotrax something or other for birthdays and Christmas just so that our collection will be huge and guess what, they aren't that into it. I am into it. Hehe. But I think I want those dolls though.

Jeanette said...

I have the flying monkey =D

I also have a sewing room full of baby dolls, and I feel your pain, I really really do!

Every Christmas I wander the baby doll isle, wishing I had some excuse to buy one, but I don't.

Then I discovered that people out there actually PAINT vinyl baby dolls and when they are done they look like real babies. The empty womb (Ok, technically is missing but you know what in mean) in me latched on to this idea and so I keep buying baby dolls with the idea that someday I may learn how to paint them LOL

Jeanette said...

Oh PS, at least you can add your witch and your scarecrow to your fall decor =0)

Amy Sorensen said...

I so know what you mean. I always have a hard time on the Black Friday mornings watching people push carts around Toys R Us bulging with dolls. That plastic smell of a new doll takes me back immediately to childhood Christmases. It's one of the things I regret, that when I was still buying dolls for Haley I didn't savor it as much as I should have, because I thought it was just one of those things I'd do a billion times. Sniff.

At any rate, I'll be on the watch for Dorothy for you. It's not like we need an excuse to go to McDonald's.

Thomas Family said...

I think it is just time to adopt a baby girl! :) you can buy all the girl stuff you want! I am excited to have Jayven get bigger so that Christmases are fun for him.. by the way, I love the little people. I am on the scavenger hunt for the chicken that goes in the barn! If you know where I can find one let me know!! Well, I hope I see you this weekend..

Jeanette said...

I tagged you on my blog =0)

Lexiloo said...

just found your blog, and thought I'd say hello....I totally bought a few of these! I made a post about them too, because I got a flying monkey and thought it was a bit scary, but then went back and now I have dorothy and a few others!