Wednesday, October 1, 2008


My friend & neighbor Jeanette tagged me with this fun meme. Here are six unspectacular things about moi:
  1. I am picky about Macaroni and Cheese. I mean PICKY. If the noodles are cooked more than a few seconds above 4 minutes, I pretty much refuse to eat it. There is nothing worse than overcooked Kraft dinner, eh?
  2. I haven't taken a math class since I was a junior in high school. Thanks to concurrent enrollment, I got credit for college algebra and trig. In all 7 years of college, I never had anything to do with numbers. It's a good thing. I hate math.
  3. I have to put my glasses or contacts in first thing in the morning; blurry vision makes me feel ugly. Not that I look any cuter, but at least I can see. Weird.
  4. I would always (or more often) be eloquent if I could write everything that needs to be said. I can my thoughts and feeling far better by writing them than I can saying them.
  5. I like to do geneology. I don't do it often, but it fascinates me to know where I came from, and now to know where my kids came from.
  6. I love art and art museums. My favorite is the National Gallery of Art in DC. My friend Angie (who was my roommate when I was at VA Tech) and I plastered our dorm room walls with prints and posters from the NGA. Now that I have some of them framed and hanging in my house, they are like little winks from the past. When my boys are old enough, we WILL take a family trip to DC. It is a place that everyone should visit, I think, and I want them to be there with me.

One of the prints that hung in our room. Ah, the memories!

Thanks, Jeanette; that was fun! I'll tag whoever wants to do it. Just leave a comment so I can check you out!


Ginger said...

You are the luckiest or probably the smartest girl ever to not have to take math classes. I am the exact same way about writing and speaking.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that you love art because my SDBBE book deals with art. Of course, that doesn't mean you'll like it, but at least you'll (maybe) have some good input to include on the subject!!!

Jeanette said...

I loathe mac and cheese, I think I would starve to death before I consumed "Yellow Death".

I never went a term without a math class because I suck so badly at math that I could never pass the dang class =0(

I never knew you went to VA Tech. I knew you went to school back east but I don't think I realized it was the one with the shootings. That must have been hard for you to hear that because it was your school =0(

I Love museums but have never been to an art one. I love history museums.