Sunday, November 9, 2008

And just because...

I just finished this advent calendar I've been working on since Memorial Day (because there's nothing like doing your Christmas sewing in 90 degree weather, right?). I'm so excited that it's done!

The pictures aren't the greatest, but it's basically a wall hanging with pockets for each day in December. There was a lot of stitching, coloring, tracing, sewing, picking, resewing, and swearing involved. Dang that friend of mine who gets me involved in all these projects!!!

I just hope my kids like it. I'm planning to put a little treat in each pocket, along with a note that says something special we will do that day, or a thought about Christmas. I can't believe I got it done before November 30th. That's usually my style!!!
This is the whole wall hanging.
Detail of the top. This is all stitched. I was so sick of changing threads by the time I was done.
Detail of the pockets.
Unfortunately the pictures show how down hill some of the rows are. I'm not a enough of a perfectionist. I probably should have redone some of the pockets, but I didn't. Part of the charm, right?


Amy Sorensen said...


It looks GREAT, Becky! I love it! Honestly, the sorta-crooked rows really make it look even cuter. WAY cute!!!!!! And I am impressed that you're finished a month before. I'm working on a little Thanksgiving something right now...probably it will be ready for next Thanksgiving!

Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

umm...hello! That is so dang cute!! I am so impressed you finished so early! Good work!!

Lucy said...

You've got crazy sewing skills, lady.

Thomas Family said...

Becky, your amazing! :) You can make me one! I'll let you!! I think the crooked pockets make it look cute! Like Amy said! :) Good job!
I love you

Jeanette said...

congrats on finishing!

I haven't even started mine yet, so you are WAY ahead of me LOL