Monday, December 15, 2008

A catch-up post

See, I told you! In my last post (not counting the book review I guess) I jinxed myself against posting a lot during December. As soon as I say I'm going to post a lot, I go a week without anything new to say.

So here we are, 10 days before Christmas. I wish I could freeze time, because I just don't feel it this year. I usually have my Christmas cards out way early, and I just mailed them yesterday. I usually enjoy my Christmas tree, and this year I've barely turned it on. So I need to make these next days count. Somehow. How do YOU feel the Christmas spirit? Am I doing something wrong?

Anyway. I have a few things to post about today. I'm going to use bullets, because my friend Isabel often uses a label on her bullet posts entitled "Bullet points are your friend." Let's see if she's right:

  • Now that Ben is 3 months away from being 4, he's decided that rocking with mom in the rocking chair is a pretty good way to fall asleep. I've spent at least one night a week this Christmas rocking my baby (3 year old, same thing!) to sleep. The glider from which I nursed, rocked, held, read to, and loved my little boys is now in my living room. I've loved sitting in it this year, rocking Ben, with the only light in the room coming from the Christmas lights in the garland on my banister. It has been precious mommy time!!
  • Shane started a tradition last year where we get a Christmas movie every Sunday to watch while we eat dinner. Ben & Thomas love this tradition, and so do I. We have continued it, which has been fun up until last night when the Santa Clause 2 DVD was so scratched that we couldn't watch it. Thanks to Blockbuster for that one. Hmph.
  • We went and saw the lights at the Salt Lake Temple on Friday. It was a perfect night; a storm was coming in for Saturday, so the night was warmer than usual. They had the gates to the temple open, so we walked around the entire perimeter of the temple instead of gazing at it from afar. I took the boys up so that they could touch it; everything seems a little more tangible once you've touched it. It was fun and made the visit memorable.
  • I'm trying to finish up gifts I'm sewing. Can anyone tell me WHY everything I do has to pucker? I am so careful while sewing, but my fabric always moves and puckers. It makes me crazy! I hate ruining everything I work so hard on. Hopefully the recipients of my sewing projects won't feel bad that their presents aren't perfect, sigh.

And that would be all. Bullet points really are my friend.


Thomas Family said...

I like that tradition that you guys have started!! :) I think that would be fun!!
About your sewing, I think whoever gets your hard worked on gift will look at it and be so thankful that someone has the talent to do such a thing!! :) You are probably the only one that will notice the mistakes.
I can't wait to see you saturday! I was gonna come visit you this last week cause I was down thursday til monday, but I have STREP THROAT!! :( No fun!! But you gotta love Copper View Medical Center!! :)
I love you!

Isabel said...

Bullet points ARE you friend!

I love that you guys have traditions. We don't have any yet...but we want to!

The King and I just bought a rocker while in Canada last month. We never had one before. I can't wait to be able to use it (it's on back order).


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

I, like you, have not enjoyed this Christmas season as much as I was anticipating to. (Thanks to reading a series of books for the last 10 days) Can't believe Christmas is so close!! I second what Lynds said about your gifts!