Monday, December 22, 2008

12 Days of Christmas meme

This is a meme I stole from Britt. I know, I'm terrible at doing meme's normally; sorry to anyone who has ever tagged me and I've not responded. But this one is short and fun, so here goes.

1- Most embarrassing moment…every moment is potentially embarrassing for me.
2- Best Friends…Amy, Melanie, Shelly, Shane.
3- Things I buy regularly…lightbulbs, happy meals, cafe rio grilled chicken salads, Dr. Pepper's from the gas station
4- Places I want to go… New York, Washington DC, Europe
5- Goals for the upcoming year…learn to play piano better.
6- Things people don’t know about me…I like to talk on the phone while driving; if you don't hear from me for a long time, it's because I haven't gone anywhere lately. It's been over 10 years since I've seen the ocean or been on a plane. I used to be afraid of dogs and once ran into someone's house who I didn't know when I thought a dog was chasing me on my bike (my sister loves this story).
7- Things I would never say…I'm so glad I got to get up so early this morning! I love mornings! You can go ahead and run even though it's my day. I have enough clothes. My hair looks awesome today!
8- Things I love about the Christmas season…Christmas hymns (we start listening in about September), Christmas lights, presents under the tree, red and green decorations, reminders of the Savior all over my house, being able to say "Santa only brings presents to good boys, so you should eat that."
9- Things I say to my kids…Are your ears working? Please sit down on your chair and eat that. Stop being so loud! Don't hit your brother. Well, hit him back! Go brush your teeth. Stop doing that! I could keep going on and on for a long time with this one. But I should add my favorite: I love you!
10- Things I do a lot…forget to do stuff. Read. Check my blog and my friend's blogs. Check my email. Procrastinate. Sew. Complain about my hamstring hurting. Go to the grocery store.
11- Things I’d rather not live without...My kids. Shane. Food. Dr. Pepper. My friends. My sewing machine. My sisters. My parents.
12 people to tag…anyone who wants it!!!


Lucy said...

Super informative. I like your sayings to your boys.

Kill two birds - call people on your way down here:)