Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 lists

I'm going to attempt a "10" list. Let's go!

10 things I did in March:

  1. Went to my cousin's daughter's bridal shower. I used to babysit my cousin's kids all the time, so to know that they are capable of weddings and offspring makes me feel incredibly old.
  2. Wished Shane's grandpa a happy 85th birthday. The man can still run on the treadmill and weed his own yard. He is amazing.
  3. Went to the funeral of our baby sitter's baby. He was born 9 weeks premature. They are an amazing family. What a terrible trial.
  4. Found a new babysitter a mere 2 days after losing our old one. We were sad to move, but have found a great lady who will watch our kids. I think we will be happy there.
  5. Went to the Draper Temple dedication. It was something I had looked forward to for a long time, and I was so grateful to be there.
  6. Went the whole month without Dr. Pepper. Who knew I could do it? I better get some serious blessings for that.
  7. Visited my dad with my niece Lyndsay. Sigh, I wish he didn't have to go through this trial.
  8. Went to a play with my mom, two sisters, and a niece. Fun!
  9. Went to lunch with a friend from my gymnastics years who I haven't seen since before high school. Her name is Emily, and I have many fond memories of sleeping out on her trampoline and riding bikes to the gas station. It was awesome to see someone who I knew in my gymnastics days. We could hardly eat our lunches because we had so much to say to each other.
  10. Got my hair colored. Oooh, it's so dark! I love it. I'll post some pictures one day.

9 people/things I was grateful for:

  1. Obama's tax relief. It's always nice to see a few extra bucks on your paycheck, right?
  2. That my food storage is coming along nicely. After reading a frightening book at the end of last year, I've been stepping it up and getting more prepared. It feels so good!
  3. Hot chocolate. Particularly from 7-11, where they have mini-marshmallows and powdered vanilla. I had to replace the Dr. Pepper with something!
  4. My mom for watching my kids while we went to the fateful wedding reception. It was fun to drop the kids off at her house; we live so far away I don't normally get to do that.
  5. Shane's mom Vonnay and Phil for treating us to a lovely dinner at Applebee's. Totally unexpected. Extremely pleasant.
  6. My cute crocus coming up in my yard.
  7. The week of warm spring weather.
  8. I finished reading the Book of Mormon. I started in January, and was aiming to finish before Easter.
  9. Lent. I think I will keep up the tradition. It makes me feel happy. I'll almost be sad when Easter comes because I have enjoyed it so much.

8 People who made a difference in my life in March:

  1. Thomas. He learned how to ride a bike, finally. I am so proud of him! It has been a long time coming.
  2. My mother-in-law Vonnay. She is a great example of kindness.
  3. My friend Mara.
  4. My niece Lyndsay for taking the time to come and visit me. I miss you living nearby!
  5. My friend Shelly, who watched my kids for me without flinching when we lost our babysitter.
  6. Tricia, another neighbor, who called me out of the blue to ask if she could help watch my kids when we were baby-sitter searching.
  7. Our new babysitter. She was a god-send.
  8. Shane. For putting up with me. He does so much; I don't know what I'd do without him.

7 things I'm looking forward to:

  1. More warm weather.
  2. A Sunday off this weekend for Conference.
  3. Easter.
  4. Thomas being off-track in a few weeks.
  5. The end of winter.
  6. More runs outside before it gets hot.
  7. Eating more banana splits. I'm addicted to them lately. That and tater-tots.

6 things that sucked:

  1. I got a ticket for my car windows being too dark a few weeks ago. Who gets pulled over for window tinting? Seriously.
  2. Paying $96 to get the old tint off and new put on. Just what I wanted to spend my money on.
  3. The fact that I haven't sewn anything in ages. Where did my creative spark go?
  4. Missing a girls night with some friends so that I could go to a wedding reception. I wish I could have come!!
  5. I've been in the same piano book for a year now. I'm such a slow learner. Thomas will pass me soon, I'm sure.
  6. Going to my ob/gyn for the last time. I will miss him a lot. He is such a good man.

5 new songs on my iPod:

  1. Jane Says, Jane's addiction
  2. Rocket Man, Elton John
  3. Crack the Shutters, Snow patrol
  4. Glycerin, Bush
  5. Bad, U2

4 songs I want on my iPod:

  1. Black, Pearl Jam
  2. Heart and Soul, Tepau
  3. Give a Little Bit, Goo Goo Dolls
  4. Can't think of a 4th. Any recommendations???

3 things to do tomorrow:

  1. Try and catch the train instead of driving to work. We have been late all week!
  2. Go to our elementary school's dedication.
  3. Get our carpets cleaned.

2 books I'm reading:

  1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (not loving this)
  2. The Gathering, Anne Enright

1 question I've been pondering:

  1. Will I go back to drinking Dr. Pepper????


Mimi said...

May your babysitter's baby's Memory be Eternal. What a horrible event to have happen.

And, seriously? Tint too dark? Bummer.

And, lastly, I read "The Gathering" last year. I HATED it. I took it back to the woman who loaned it to me and asked, "what did I do to you to make you loan me this book?" I hope you enjoy it more.

(I read your sister's blog, and then found your comment on Rebeca's blog, and your blog is lovely)

Amy Sorensen said...

First of....LOL at Mimi's comment up there! She warned me not to read The Gathering! ;)

I love that you remember that tepau song. I have a very vivid memory of taping it from the radio, and then listening to it about 1,000 times, pausing and rewinding and listening REALLY HARD, so I could write down all the lyrics! I still have them memorized. and can sing along. I mentioned this song on my blog, but I am loving "My Number" by Sarah and Teagan. It was on grey's awhile ago. Can't stop listening to it!

Glad your lunch w/ Emily went well, and YEAH, post pictures! I want to see your dark hair!

Isabel said...

I don't know...will you go back?

This is a great list.

Congrats on reading the BofM so fast. Where do you find the time? SERIOUSLY?!