Monday, March 9, 2009

My inability to spellcheck.

Yes. I admit it. I've had some misspelled words of late. Partial words. Dangling participles. What has happened to my grammar?

The problem is that I think I don't need spellcheck. I'm an excellent speller, I thinks to myself. But, I'm not an excellent, error-free typer. Yes, I'm fast, but I make lots of mistakes. And I've been lazy lately at editing myself.

So. Sorry for all the misspelled words of late. I'll start using that little ABC button more often. Like right now. Of which I just discovered "typer" is not a real word. Imagine that.

Carry on with your day. Be hopeful for me.


Anonymous said...

Do you use Firefox?? It has a built-in spell check. I love it and will never go back to Internet Explorer.

I always thought I was a good speller, but I recently read through some of my journal entries from high school, and I was mortified! Apparently, I'm a very lazy writer. I mixed up my theres and theirs and committed every other spelling sin imaginable!