Monday, May 4, 2009

The lost blog post.

Long ago, I found out about blogs because of my sister Amy's blog. I really wanted a blog, but I didn't really think that I "got" it, and so I started one and then promplty forgot.

Last week Shane (who knows all things google, believe me) told me about google blog search.

And today, I found this. When another girl named Becky Kump showed up on my google blog search, and liked so many of the things I liked, well, my first thought was someone had impersonated me, a la c-jane. But no. It was just me.

It's really cheesy. But aren't all initial blog posts cheesy? "Here is this thing, no one will read it, but...I'm going to try anyway." And before long, everyone knows about the burnt dinner from last night and the haircut you gave your kids.

I'm glad no one is impersonating me out there. Wouldn't that be a blow to the self-esteem?


Lucy said...


Apryl said...

How funny! I bet I've lost lots of things online. And that reminds me, I DID start a blog about a billion years ago. I don't even remember what service I used!

PureClean said...

That was very nice:) Glad I'm not the only dork/nerd out there! :) I am sure my first post was the same!