Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random thoughts

Because I'm too distracted to write actual paragraphs that relate to one another:

  • Water tastes a lot better these days than it did when my primary source of hydration was high fructose corn syrupy prune juice.
  • But I still kinda miss the above prune juice.
  • How is it possible that the wind can blow in ALL directions during my run? Seriously.
  • Today is one of the last 3 days I have of two hours kid-free. Maybe I should consider the summer pre-school program...
  • I rocked my run today in my running skirt.
  • My iPod isn't impressing me since I had to re-register with iTunes. Why did I have to re-import all my songs that I had copied from cd's? Any iPod/iTunes experts out there?
  • I'm considering running this with my husband and sister. I haven't raced since 2006 (not that any race I do could really be considered a race, just a jaunt really). I guess I better get training. But I think: can it be too hard to run when people are cross-country skiing it all the time? Am I going to eat those words in 2.5 months?
  • My ankles hurt from ice-skating on Monday. But I will say that watching your 7 and 4 year old learn how to skate rocks.
  • I am glad it is Thursday. It is my favorite day of the week.

What random thoughts do you have? Come on and be random with me.


Anonymous said...

Don't go back to Dr. Pepper. Just don't. I'm back on the sauce, and I am ashamed of myself. I'm trying to quit again.

I am two days sober.

Apryl said...

My randomness:
-Ella told her preschool teacher that I am eighty years old.
-Gretchen goes crazy at approx. 3:30 every afternoon. Weird.
-I eat way too much sugar. Maybe I should quit like you quit Dr. P.