Monday, August 31, 2009

Why it's going to be a long day...

You all know I'm an incessant picker. This not only applies to bugs on my zucchini, but to anything that my fingers identify as an anomaly. If it doesn’t seem like it belongs, it probably doesn’t, and my fingers will find it and work it (whatever “it” is) until it has been eradicated.

Or I have a big hole in my face, whatever comes first.

Thanks to hormones, there is a lovely, 1/8 inch hair in my chin. This is different from the other 1/8 inch hair I had on my chin last week. I have no tweezers, and my fingers CANNOT stay away from said hair.

Knowing myself, I will pick and pick and pick in many erstwhile attempts at pulling said hair from my chin. All will be unsuccessful, and will lead to a big old red mark on my chin which my husband will notice and tease me about.

It really is going to be a long day.


Amy Sorensen said...

I was picking at mine just the other day. SIGH. I've since bought two extra pair of tweezers, one for my work bag and one for my purse. Crazy, but I feel less anxious about it, so: whatever! ;)


(I said that in Mom's voice, btw. When we went to the play last, she told me to stop picking my fingernails and I was know, I AM an adult! ;) )

Anonymous said...

I have a nice mole hair on my cheek (yes, I'm totally disgusting like that), and when it's time to pluck, I go crazy if I can't find the tweezers. I just can't get a good grip on it with my fingers. So frustrating!!! You can come over and use my tweezers if it gets bad. I think I know where they are right at this moment.

Becky K said...

Thank heaven for coworkers. Two had tweezers, one had tweezers that worked.

Ah, so much better. Can go on with my day now!! Was ready to go to Rite-Aid and buy some...

Lucy said...

I HATE those! and I'm getting so many more of them. I have a patch on my neck that has me feeling about as unattractive as possible. Why do these things occur? Don't they know that we aren't supposed to have hair on our chinny chin chins?

Glad you got it out. I can feel the relief from here:)