Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random Monday thoughts

Oh, wait. It's Tuesday. How's that for random?

  • I have to go up and down a total of 5 escalators on my way to my car from my place of employment. There are lots of people who just STAND on the escalator and let it take them to the top. It drives me nuts to stand behind people who do this.
  • Are you an escalator-walker or escalator rider?
  • Am I being too anal about the escalator?
  • My little digital camera broke. Just died, mid-shoot. I need to buy another one, because my camera phone is unsufficient for California pictures. Am serioulsy considereing finding one off KSL. I don't think they have a long shelf life, and I don't want to pay a ton for something that will break.
  • However, I've recently gotten some pictures developed. Many taken with said broken camera just plain suck when made up into a tangible picture. If I buy another cheap one, will probably end up with crappy pictures. Quadry, quandry.
  • I got a FREE running shirt from my work today. I love free stuff.
  • I didn't do an August "10" list. It bugs me that I didn't document last month. But not enough to write a post.
  • Ben starts pre-school this month. I can't wait to have 2 hours to myself again!
  • Why do grasshoppers have to wait to jump until you are right over the top of them? Can't they see the giant building-sized person lumbering toward them that they can get out of the way sooner? It's like they play chicken with you.
  • If I was a chicken I would kill as many grasshoppers as I could.

Any thoughts on escalators, cameras, or grasshoppers? Please share.


Amy Sorensen said...

I have recently discovered that I am totally impatient. Kendell and I have started going on evening walks once or twice a week, and he walks SO SLOW. I'm like...come ON let's get moving! I'm that way in the mall, too. Haley will always be saying something like "Mom! Slow down! Why are you in such a hurry?" because I'm sprint-walking through the mall. It's crazy. So yeah, i totally get it. I don't ever ride the escalater. I walk up it, fast as I can go!!!

Grasshoppers: good question. We hiked to Squaw Peak this weekend and one jumped right onto my shoulder. I FREAKED out and screamed. Kendell thought I was insane! ;)

Camera: just get a good one. Yeah, they don't last for as long as the DSLRs do, but trust me. I have an entire YEAR of crappy photos and it still pisses me off. It's worth the extra expense. Let me know if you want my advice on which one to get---I LOVE my new little camera!!!

Thomas Family said...

Becky, you make me laugh.. The randomness of your daily thoughts are great! Escalators are no fun to just stand on it is cool how much faster you can actually go when you walk on them! :)
I agree with Amy but a good camera, you will be so disappointed if your vacation pictures don't turn out.. That is not a good thing. You want to be able to remember this vacation, cause really, who knows when you will go again. ;) lol
Love you,