Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm so not prepared...

It's the Boy Scout motto, right? Always be prepared. Well, I'm not prepared for having a boy scout.

I found myself at the scouting store on Saturday dropping a pretty penny on scout clothes, books, numbers, kerchiefs, etc. I had no idea scouting was such an investment. Last night I was sewing on his troop number to the sleeve, being grateful I forked over the extra $3.50 for the shirt that had the council patch already sewn on (so, so worth it!)

I don't mind the scouting thing itself that I'm not prepared for. It's kind of nice to have him have somewhere to go one night a week that teaches him good things. It's that it's the start of THAT part of his life, of starting to be a big boy who goes on campouts (ok, not til 12, but still), of having to learn about knives and actually using knives and fire and stuff. I had all sisters - we didn't do scouts; the closest I got to scouts was seeing the boys in my class who had to wear their scout shirt to school on days when they went to scouts (note to self: don't force Thomas to wear scout uniform to school. He will not thank you for it.). Plus there is the risk I run with having two sons that I could receive a scout calling; shudder!

So, all you girls out there with sons. Do you love the scouts? Have you found yourself sewing red numbers and triangle patches onto shirts and wondered how this thing happened to you? I hope I'm not the only one.


Amy Sorensen said...

As the world's official Worst Scouts Mom ever, all i can say is:

(nothing. I suck at scouts.)

Thomas Family said...

I am actually looking forward to Jayven going to scouts, I think it is so much more interesting than Achievement days!! I also have seen a little more into the program now that James is Head Adventurer leader.. Yay for him right!?
I am sure that Thomas will love it!!

Apryl said...

Awww, scouting uniforms. Sweet. I almost put Ella in Daisy Scouts just so she could get a uniform.

Chris S. said...

Scouts is completely foreign to me too. I don't look forward to the day when Colin is a Scout. When I was Primary President everyone expected me to know all about it and I was clueless! Good luck. I'll come to you in a few years when I need advice on Scouting :)