Sunday, February 21, 2010

You mean blogging isn't the only thing I have to do???

Can you hear the crickets chirping around my blog lately? Yeah, me too.  I haven't blogged any original thought all month (debatable if I've ever come up with anything original, but that's another topic.)  I didn't blog about Ben's birthday on Wednesday.  Or my dread at planning and hosting his birthday party with 9 party-goers on Saturday.  In fact, these things didn't even cross my blogging radar.

It's because it's February.  In my world, February is the month where I plow through Excel file after Excel file full of salary data.  I reconcile these files with what was received over the year.  It's fun (actually, it really is.)  But it takes a lot of time.  I worked over 67 hours last pay period; the most I've worked in a 2-week period in over 8 years.  I'm not really whining, just explaining my blogging silence.  Work, work, work. (Sorry to all of you who put in real full-time hours on a regular basis. I marvel at you!)

But you probably don't mind my blogging silence.  I just miss having something to say.  Like the fact that I still have not finished Anne of Green Gables, despite the fact that I've been reading it for a month and a half.  Or the fact that once I'm finished with my current book (not Anne of Green Gables; a book called Lavinia that I'm loving), I have nothing to read. At all.  Or my happiness that Lost is back on because I can drool over Sawyer again (he is so much hotter than Jack!) 

But, I'll be buried under work for a few more weeks.  My hour of computer time at night will be spent working instead of blogging or trawling my friends on Facebook.  But I'll come back next month.  I might even have something interesting to say.  We can all dream, right?


Amy Sorensen said...

Wow. I get it. That really makes a BIG difference, all that work. Throw in a birthday or too and you've been busy!!!

I hope you'll still love me (Britt too if she sees this), but I am NOT a Lost fan. Kendell watches it and it BUGS me. I'm not really sure why...other than it seems really confusing and sort of like...hello, let's get to the poinT!?! Of course, that's me observing what I haven't ever watched, so...yeah.

Looking forward to March...

OOoooooooh, that's a novel you could try! Have you read March? (Geraldine Brooks.) Hmmmmmmm....except, I think you have. How about Connie Willis? You should try The Doomsday Book. SOOOOOOOOooooo good. A little Year of Wonders, a little time travel, a little Oxford, England. Throw in the possibility of a global plague...yeah. Cool book.

Anyway. Hope you'll be OK!

Apryl said...

Sorry you've been so busy. I understand the fun that is Excel. I loved making reports when I worked in an office. It always made me feel like I was pretending to work. (It goes back to my love of paperwork when I was a kid.) BEST OF LUCK getting through the rest of it!

Lucy said...

For shame - working when you could be blogging. Sheesh.

I've never seen Lost. I just don't know when I'll ever have the time to invest in watching the DVD's from season 1 to get started. It might just be a part of pop culture I'm forever clueless about.

Good luck with all your work!