Friday, March 5, 2010

Our inability to keep pizza cutters.

Wednesday is pizza night.  I don't know quite how it happened, but nearly every Wednesday night finds me traveling to the Papa Johns for pizza and breadsticks.  This is an acceptable form of sustenance except for one thing:

We keep throwing away our pizza cutter with the pizza.

The first time it happened was last summer. One random Monday, we got pizza. I couldn't find the pizza cutter, and so on a hope and a prayer, I searched through the recycle bin for last week's pizza box. There it was. We laughed at our stupidity and were relieved that we had discovered our blunder on a Monday and not a Wednesday (which is garbage day.)

Well, our relief was short lived, because 2 weeks later, we threw away the pizza cutter again and didn't figure it out until Wednesday. You know, the night AFTER our recycle bin had been emptied.

A few months later, I noticed one of our knives was missing. Yep, we threw it away.  I held on until Christmas when I gave Shane another pizza cutter as one of his presents (he liked it, btw.)  I thought we had learned our lesson.

Except, guess what I couldn't find on Wednesday?  You guessed it.  We did it again.  How many times do we have to learn this lesson, I ask you?


Anonymous said...

Darn you! Papa Johns sounds so good right now.

Amy Sorensen said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Pizza. ;)

I have done this, too. Twice. The first one I threw away was the stupid uber-expensive one I bought at a knife party. I learned my lesson and started buying cheap ones!!!

I feel your pain!

Thomas Family said...

Well, I have to say, I have never done this but it doesn't sound fun.. lol Papa Johns does sound pretty good. I love that place they have the best pizza ever!