Saturday, March 6, 2010


  1. Ben cut his own hair a few weeks ago.  I resisted the urge to shave off all his hair, so he has some new shelf bangs halfway down his forehead.  Awesome.
  2. In other Ben-related news, he dropped his 2.5 month old Nintendo DS in the toilet yesterday (he was cleaning the toilet with his DS in his pocket. At least it wasn't dirty toilet water, right?).  I freaked out.  Thank heaven for Google, which in my moment of crisis, sent me to the Nintendo website and instructed me to remove the battery pack and let it dry out for a while. Whew! I was ready to call it a lost cause. This morning, we put the battery back in and it powered up.  Who knew? 
  3. I put in more than 40 extra hours last month at work.  Am relieved to say that Christmas is now officially paid off. Yay!
  4. Thomas and Shane went to a Jazz game together last week.  Thomas was beside himself with excitement and spent all week wearing his Williams jersey and playing basketball.  Fun times.  They sat on the 10th row from the floor; awesome!
  5. Thanks to trips to Ikea and Tai Pan, my house is ready for spring.  Now I just need to paint over the awful pink in my kitchen.  I told Shane one day last month that I'd have it done before May; he was really impressed with my timeframe (saracasm, people!)
  6. With the closure of Kiddie Kandids, I attempted to take Ben's birthday pictures myself.  I don't think I did too badly.  I ended up taking some of Thomas since I never did school or birthday pictures last year.  I'm picking up the pictures in an hour; so excited!
  7. I am glad to be back to blogging again.  And reading.  And watching tv without simultaneously formatting spreadsheets.  Yay for March!!


Apryl said...

So glad you're done with all your extra work! While it's fun to watch Super Awesome CW shows while working, I find I really get more out of them when I can actually WATCH the girls make out with the vampires. So much more entertaining.