Friday, May 28, 2010

Tuning in...

So Amy is talking about all the great songs that make up her mp3 player of late.  I took about half a second after reading her post and decided to join her in talking about the music that I enjoy while I'm huffing and puffing up my neighborhood's hills.

  • Crack the Shutters by Snow Patrol.  That band cannot make a song that doesn't fill me with teenage longing and angst.  I love it when songs remind me of how it felt to be a teenager. Maybe I will still be able to relate when my sons get to that age.
  • The End, by the Doors.  I recently downloaded this song after I heard a snippet of it on the tail part of a Lost episode.  The first time I listened to it after downloading was while I was running by a mountain lake during my leg of the Ogden Marathon Relay.  This was a mistake because if I would have listened to the song before, I might have known that it was the version where Jim Morrison goes off and starts repeating the f-word over and over mid-song.  I would have downloaded a different version had I known. So, despite the fact that I can't listen to half of it, I enjoy listening to it all the same.
  • Hey Soul Sister, by Train. I love the phrase "Where you can cut a rug/watching you is my only drug/I need some gangsta, I'm so thug/You're the only one I'm dreaming of."  I love the phrasing Train uses in their songs.  They are so creative.  Also, Thomas has been begging me for months to download this song. 
  • Who's gonna ride your Wild Horses? by U2.  I love U2 (and am severly annoyed at them cancelling their show.  Of course the year I buy tickets, they will cancel. Hmph.)  My favorite line is "Who's gonna taste your salt-water kisses?"  It reminds me of when Amy and I used to email each other while I was in in Virginia.  We used to write song lyrics that we liked in our emails, and I know this is one we both agreed on that we loved.
  • This is a song that I don't have yet, but I really want to download All the Single Ladies by Beyonce.  I feel a little guilty liking it (there is an Amy-meter that I use to judge most songs [because my older sister somehow became my inner-music-critic voice], and everything about it screams "Amy would hate this song!" but I still want it.)  I think I might have to go and download it now, as a matter of fact!

So that is just a smattering of my favorite tunes lately.  It changes every couple of months, but these are songs that usually get me through no matter how many times I've heard them.  Thanks, Amy; that was fun!


Amy Sorensen said...

Well, i had Lada Gaga on my list, so who am I to judge??? ;)

I forgot about that Train song, but we like it too. When it first came out, Kendell started asking me to download it, only I hadn't heard it yet and i couldn't figure out why he was all anxious to get a very old Cult song. Then i figured out it really wasn't "Sweet Soul Sister."

And, that's my favorite line in Wild Horses, too! ;)

Amy Sorensen said...

ps, love your new blog look!

Apryl said...

Your new blog is lovely! I also enjoy the angst of Snow Patrol (but found I have to be in the right mood). I just downloaded a bunch of new music that I found on (I am in LOVE with that site.) My new fav band is Au Revoir Simone. They rock the Casio Keyboard like no other.