Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thoughts right now...

Right now:

  • I'm worried about Shane's toe. He stubbed it this morning and I'm hoping he didn't break it.  Wouldn't that be our luck?
  • I am eating a pb & j. Like I do every day.
  • I am excited for Ragnar.  Our start time is 1:00 pm, which I don't love, but will be fine. I will do my first leg around 2:20, my second around midnight, and my third around noon on Saturday.  I think our van will be done around 4, but we will wait for the other van to get done around 9.  Maybe we can find somewhere in Park City that sells showers....
  • I need to buy some unscented baby wipes tonight. I can't remember the last time I had to buy baby wipes (which is kind of good and kind of sad. My kids are big!!)
  • I'm thinking about packing for Ragnar. We've had to buy all our stuff like headlamps and reflective vests TWICE because the ones we bought online didn't ship in time.  So now, instead of wearing cool reflective vests that have LED lights on the front and back, we are wearing one-size-fits-all from Lowes. Yep, we are going to be looking like construction workers.  Awesome! 
  • Also, did I mention that we tried to get cooler reflective vests from Sports Chalet but they were SOLD OUT???  As were both of the REI's in the valley?  Who sells out of reflective vests?  Well, thank heavens Lowes doesn't.  (Again, gonna be rocking the construction worker look!)
  • Last night as we were walking through Sam's, there were 2 reflective vests on a fork lift. My husband encouraged me to take them.  They were really gross and dirty. I never would have even thought about it until I had to search the valley to buy some (see previous bullet.)  We of course didn't take them, but if Lowes hadn't come through, I might have considered it.
  • I want to start planting something other than PVC in my yard.  I hope to plant the following sometime soon:
    • Japanese Maple (I have the perfect spot right next to my back stairs!)
    • Clematis vines (my old one is blooming right now and looks so pretty. I wish I could have taken it from my yard!!)
    • Lilies: day lilies, Asiatic lilies, oriental lilies, tiger lilies, you get the picture.  They are my favorites!
    • Either lavender or Russian sage
    • Snow fountain cherry tree
    • 2 quaking aspen trees
    • A rose of Sharon that we took from the old yard (don't anyone tell!)
    • And I could go on and on and on...can't wait to start planting.
So what are your favorite plants?  And what are you thinking right now?


Apryl said...

I love Shasta Daisies because they're so cute and happy and they come back bigger every year. And they get big. And every yard needs rosemary, thyme and basil. Yum!