Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm not the only one, right? Right?

I've always liked the Seinfeld episode with George returning the book to the store and them refusing him returning it because they could determine that it had been read in the bathroom.

Man, I hope I still have friends and book-exchange buddies after writing this post.

I am guilty. I am George. I have always, my whole life, read in the bathroom.  It's just...sensible.  You have nothing to do. You are stuck for a few minutes alone.  Why not take a book?  I can remember locking myself in for hours when I was young.  And more recently, for years in my old house, it was a nightly ritual.  Shane would only ask that I leave a washrag out for him so he didn't have to subject himself to my sanctuary. 

But, since I moved, my, ahem, reading time is suffering.  The reason? I don't have a good bathroom to read in.  They are too small.  Or I'm missing something feng-shui-y. Or something. I haven't figured out exactly what is wrong with them, but they just aren't...comfortable.  I have yet to read even a chapter since I've moved.  It sucks. 

I miss my reading room.  I used to think that having a separate "room" for just the commode was a great idea.  But the reality is far from satisfying.  I wish I could go back and re-design at least one good bathroom in my house. Because I honestly miss whiling the time the way I used to.

So, are you a bathroom reader?  Are you all disgusted by me now?  Are you always going to think of George Costanza when you think of me?


Amy Sorensen said...

teeeee heeeeeeee.

I totally read in the bathroom. And I also have a favorite bathroom. I only use the other bathroom if I don't have time to read. ;) I get it! I hope you become comfy with your bathroom SOMEHOW cause that'd be awful!

I also read in the tub, but then you AND your books know that! ;)

Jeanette said...

Hmmm I'm not much of a bathroom reader. There are much more comfortable seats in the house in which to spend my time.

I generally read sprawled out on my bed, kitty corner, with a pillow propped up under me. I'm pretty sure that's why my back always hurts =0P

Anonymous said...

Guilty. If I'm reading when nature calls, the book goes with me.

Apryl said...

Is this an open invitation to bring your books in the bathroom? Cause I will feel free now! :)