Sunday, October 10, 2010

Possibly the strangest week of my life...

  1. We came home from vacation.  I found that an army of ants had taken over my cat's food in our absence. I successfully rid my house of ants in 2 nights.  (I really do clean my house, sigh.)
  2. I crashed our car.  Had to file an insurance claim for the first time.  Luckily it wasn't my fault. 
  3. I bawled through a staff meeting attended by 30+ of my coworkers. I'm not a crier. They had announced some structure changes that really didn't affect me but affected others in my department. As a result, my boss's boss thought I was sad that I was staying in his division and was outwardly showing it during his meeting. I am not a crier. I can't remember the last time I cried for real, other than getting a little teary during church every now and then.  I ended up in the women's lounge, sobbing in front of the breast pump (which made me cry even harder, because I spent countless hours in front of it once upon a time) (and yes, my work totally has a breast pump.  Lots of us have plugged in at one time or another. It's hospital grade and sanitary and all that.)  But yeah. Feeling a little teary lately.
  4. Found out one of my nieces' friends had been killed by one of her classmates. So sad for everyone. Sorry, Madison, for your loss.
  5. Spent Friday night and Saturday morning in a car dealership, getting another car.  Even when they are really good, car salesmen are still....salesmen.  They want you to buy something so they can make money. And you never leave without thinking you got screwed, somewhere, somehow. 
  6. Ran my first ever 10k with my sister and some friends from my old ward. It was so fun.  It kind of made up for my lack of running enjoyment I've recently felt.

So, was it a good week for you?


Jeanette said...

So NOT a good week for me! But I'm hoping this one is better!

And I totally get sobbing over pumps! And not the stilhetto kind either!

Amy Sorensen said...

I dreamed about a breast pump last night, if that helps! You KNOW I am a crier, yes. My last good sob was yesterday in the shower!

I LOVE the photo of you & your friends. LOVE it!

Apryl said...

Random tip of the day: I put our cat's food bowl atop a pie plate filled with water. It was like a little moat that the ants couldn't cross. It was the only way I FINALLY got them out of the cat food. Your run looks like so much fun!