Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stuff about my cats you never wanted to know

  • I have 3 cats.
  • 2 of them like each other.  They gang up on the other one.
  • My youngest cat is crazy. Seriously.  When we first got her, she would find our clean socks and put them in the cat water. This resulted in creating clever little funnels that dripped water all over the floor. Nothing like coming home to a big puddle of cat water.
  • She also likes to put hair tie and fake flowers/leaves that I use to decorate with in the water. It is maddening.
  • Once the supply of socks dried up, she moved onto paper. She walks around, meowing crazily, while carrying paper in her mouth. She proceeds to tear the paper into little bits and leave them at the foot of my bed like an offering.  I can't leave a spare piece of paper anywhere.
  • Did I mention that my kids drawings have large pieces missing from her tearing little bits out whenever she can reach?  It adds a really attractive effect when hanging from the fridge or tack board.
  • Last night she ate Thomas' homework. I had to tape it together, and there are still little bits missing. Lovely.
  • Bucket, our middle cat, thinks she is a rottweiler. She runs up to the door whenever anyone knocks and greets them. She lures them to pet her then hisses and tries to bite them. It's fun.
So, do you have neurotic pets as well? I can't believe that my kid could, if he wanted to, tell his teacher his pet ate his homework and have it not be a lie.  Who knew?


Anonymous said...

I think I've met Bucket. She was all, "Look at me I'm a sweet little kitty! Pat me on the head I won't bite!" and then she was all, "DIE WOMAN!!!"

Amy Sorensen said...

Is Bucket the kitty I spent a night with??? Or was that Sianna? Teeeeee heeeee...I still giggle when I think of that night!

Lucy said...

Having a couple of garage cats now, I can imagine how neurotic they would be if we let them inside of the house. Your stories are pretty entertaining.

Apryl said...

Wow, that paper thing would drive me NUTS. I have paper on my desk constantly. It's part of my system. I would not deal well with that! (Also, I miss my crazy cat. I hope you're in cat heaven somewhere, Miss Jackson! Or found a nice family to take you in when you TOTALLY DESERTED US! Sniff!)