Monday, October 4, 2010

Vacation Post

Since I don't like to post when I'm actually on vacation, I kept a blog post for each stage of our vacation. I know that most people don't blog about every day of their vacation; that I do seems (in my mind) so....over the top. But, the annual vacation is a new event in our life.  We went multiple years without a single overnight stay in a hotel. It was okay, but I like vacationing so much more than not vacationing. And if going on the same vacation each year (meaning staying 100 yards from the beach and having to run each morning by myself), I'll suffer through it.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was our Vacation growing up.  The Vacation.  So it feels a little like returning to my old high school or at least an old, long-past-it's-prime friendship when I come back to Vegas.  My first Grateful Dead show was here. I drove here in my car with a boy I knew from the Denny's in Provo with a trunk full of clothes that my mom wanted me to return to Dillard's at the Fashion Show Mall (it didn't happen. I drove home with the clothes. She wasn't too happy. Sorry, Mom!)

So I get here and I feel like I can't soak it in enough. I want to troll the Strip, drink in all the new and old hotels that glisten along its edges.  I feel a little like my dad, I think, who could not get enough of Vegas. Ever.  We would always arrive at home after 10pm on Sunday night (usually having to go to school the next morning) because he couldn't allow himself to miss out on one more slot machine or Keno game.  As we drove up the Strip one way and down the other tonight, I felt his pain. I wanted to keep going, despite the fact that my kids were tired and wanted to go back to our hotel.  I wanted to drink in another moment of lights and sparkle and fade. 

Last year we walked from New York New York to Caesar's Palace. This year we drove from Circus Circus to The Venetian.  I love the Venetian.  Did you know that you can't smoke everywhere in Las Vegas anymore?  You can in the gaming parts, but not so much in the shopping/dining/entertainment part. It was awesome walking through, not smelling like smoke.  Although, I have to admit: I am immediately transported back to my grandparent's apartment  when I smell a Las Vegas casino.  No where else in the world does cigarette smoke smell so good to me. 

My kids were marginally impressed with the river running through The Venetian.  I licked the windows of the stores (figuratively, of course.)  I admired the stores selling masks and porcelain dolls.  I looked at the haute couture stores and wondered who would pay hundreds of dollars for a dress that resembled my ballet leotard and skirt. But it's amazing in a Keeping up with the Kardashian's kind of way to know that people really shop there.  Even though it was currently empty of anyone other than the bored looking sales girl.  I smiled at the Faberge store which was rebroadcasting the 20/20 episode when Michael Jackson walked through the store, extemporizing on life and money and whatnot.  I tried to hold on to each moment.

It was enough to drive the Strip.  I could give up the moment. My kids don't care about the contents of one casino versus another.

But we had a good day. And I'm okay to leave tomorrow, my longings for lights and crowds sated for another year.  I hope my dad felt the same way as he left this city.  I kind of like to think I'm drinking it in a little for him.

Post-edit: I never got around to blogging again. I guess I had too much fun on vacation to write any more thoughts in the moment.  But why waste a good post, right?