Friday, September 17, 2010


Hello, red leaves on my Oquirrh Mountains. You inspired me to get up my hill today.

Hello, rescue inhaler.  You are helping me breath so much better!

Hello, return of summer. Can you just last until the first day of October?

Hello, clean floors, which mean I only have bathrooms to clean today. Yes!

Hello, Wasatch Woman 10k.  Yesterday I didn't know if I could finish you, today I know I can.

Hello, date night tonight.  So excited!

Hello, 2 weeks with no soda.  I swear I am always either quitting you or trying to.

Hello, cheap Las Vegas hotels.  Who knew you could get a hotel for $32 a night?

Hello, last half hour of quiet before I have Ben home again.

Hello, new blister on my next-to-smallest toe. I guess you are what I get for wearing cotton socks.

Hello, blogging friends.  What are you saying hello to today?


Amy Sorensen said...

Hello? I'm thinking I need to call you and get the scoop...rescue inhaler???

But I am excited for the race! I had good intentions today to run down Squaw Peak road. Then I had an argument with Haley this morning so I went back to bed instead.

Maybe I need to say "hello, Prozac."

Jeanette said...

I am saying hello to anger moderating drugs for my first born.

Hello to fall.

Hello to sweaters (I love sweaters!)

Hello to quiet hours spent making handmade Christmas gifts.

Hello to the last week of my kids off track =0P

Lucy said...

Hello to my sweet friend who I wish I could hang out and chat with.

Hello to The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Hello to a sick child.

Hello to Stake Conference weekend.

Hello to needing to give up soda...again:)

Ginger said...

Pretty picture!

Apryl said...

What? How did I miss all these posts? I've been living under a rock. Hello rock!