Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gratitude 11: Project day

Today I was up by 8am.  This almost never happens. But, in a way it was a blessing, because I used it to finish off some projects that I have been working on for a while.

A few months ago, I found some mini-quilts that I loved that depicted the seasons.  I bought one of the patterns and then modified it for the appropriate season, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter.  I finished spring and summer back in August.  They were really fun to do.  I wanted to start working on fall and winter but I needed to find fabric that I liked for these seasons. My friend Shelly and I put our wares together and came up with enough for 20 mini-quilts.  Luckily we narrowed it down to two.

But then I got thinking about it.  Would the autumn one suffice for the whole season?  I mean, there are two decorating opportunities that are very distinct in the months between September and November, namely autumn and Halloween.  And oh, the possibilities of fabric and applique for both were staggering.  So, I knew that I had to have a Halloween one in addition to the fall one.

So, today I finished fall, winter and Halloween.  I still have to put on a border and do the applique and stitching, but the sewing part is mostly done.  I am so excited about how they turned out. 




Halloween (because there are never enough opportunities to put black, purple and orange together, sigh.)


Hodgepodge of all the mini quilts together.

To top it off, I finally finished a mitered corner baby blanket for a lady in my ward.  
I managed to not make it into a flannel box. Score!!!

I am grateful for my kids waking me up early so I could have a productive sewing day. And I wish I could be grateful for my awesome photography skillz, but apparently I don't have any, as evinced by the above pictures.  Has anyone mastered the art of taking photos of blankets?  Because I. have. not.


Amy Sorensen said...

ooooh....squeee! They are adorable! Adorable! Great job!

Jeanette said...

These turned out awesome! I can just picture you in your chair with your needle and thread all during the cold months!

Can't wait to see them finished.