Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gratitude 14: I am that I am.

Yesterday Amy wrote about what makes her Amy.  I loved the idea, but in my coughing-induced fog, I couldn't put a sentence together that satisfied.  I'll try again today.

The things that make me me:
  1. I am snobby about grammar. Especially written grammar.  I love nothing more than to pick apart someone's email/note/Facebook post grammatically and then giggle about it with someone who knows better.  It's easier to do when I don't know the person.  Facebook is great for this.  I snickered the other night when a distant relative said she "finely" got to do something. Seriously?
  2. Kleenex.  To live with me is to deal with lots and lots of Kleenex. Or toilet paper. Or napkins. Whatever it takes.  I used to have an item called "snot rag."  I'm not proud of it, but it's a fact.
  3. Forgetfulness. I don't know if it's sympathetic or what, but I forget a lot of things.  That is, short-term. As me the date for when we met or when you first dated your ex-ex-ex boyfriend, I'll come up with it.  I have a thing for remembering unimportant things, but forgetting other things.
  4. I wring my hands when someone other than me brushes my hair.  And don't even think about playing with my hair at any given time. It sends me through the roof.  My head is very sensitive and I can't deal with the anxiety or sensation of it.
  5. There is a special Becky-speak that most people who deal with me a lot understand.  I call one niece by the other nieces name or the plate I want you to hand me "cup" or whatever.  It's probably really annoying, but I pretend it's endearing.
  6. I really like to do things by myself.  I would rather figure something out on my own than have someone hovering over me trying to teach me.  I don't know that it's much more effective, but it's just how I am.
  7. Like my sister, books are in piles all over my house.  And now it isn't just me who does it.  Thomas' book is usually flung on the floor of the family room, and Ben's are stacked next to the recliner.  I love it - if books are accessible, it's more likely people will read them.
  8. I can never find my phone or my wallet.  Or my keys.  Shane used to (mentally) pity the man who married me, because for the 1.5 years we worked together, he watched me run around looking for my keys and my wallet every. single. day.  I think the joke is really on him.
And those are just a few of the things that make me me.  What makes you you?


Lucy said...

What a fun list. Really bad grammar always jumps out at me, but if the world could just understand the differences between your and you're. Well..their, they're and there would be nice to. But I'm not being choosy.

I think you're great. All of you:)

Apryl said...

Whoa! I missed alot of posts this week. Sure thing I didnt do it on purpuse.


Isabel said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I have a snot rag that I hide under my keyboard at work. And that's just my "work snot rag". I have them all over my bedroom, my bathroom, and in every single pocket over every single item of clothing I own. I often tell Ken that one of my favorite thing about me is that I always have a tissue in my pocket.

Oh yeah, and I forget everything too.

(My grammar is HORRIBLE. How are you friends with me?)

(Do you and Amy get together and make fun of me behind my back? I hope not.)