Monday, November 1, 2010

November: Gratitude!

I have had a theme for the past 3 years for November, and I don't see any reason to buck tradition.

November is gratitude month.  I've been extra whiny lately so I think I need to try and see the glass half full for a while.  Maybe it will change the general malaise that I've been feeling. 

I always look forward to my November gratitudes.  Each year I set out to write every day, but I have yet to succeed. Maybe this year is the year!  My friend Lucy gave us some lovely snippets of life all through September, and they inspired me greatly.  Plus who doesn't love to open their blog lists and see new material to read every morning?  Like a shot of Irish cream in your coffee.  (Not that I drink coffee. Or Irish cream. But I do know what both taste like and can drool a little when I think of them.  Mm.) (For the record, I don't know that you drink them either. If you do, lucky! If not, hopefully you have something to equate this with.) But yeah, just a little something to make the day a little extra special.

So stop by and check out the gratitudes.  As always I will overshare on history, undershare on details that are important, and dismiss my own abilities in an attempt to be witty.  In other words, just my blog in a nutshell, just hopefully more of it.

Yay for November!!