Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My blog by the numbers.

Back when I started my blog, I signed up for a stat counter so I could see all my "traffic" (insert "ahem".)  For a long long time, I didn't allow myself to be found on Google, but then a while ago I figured why not and let the search engines find me.

It surprises me what leads people to my blog.  I feel bad when they are looking for, say, the date of a certain book being banned and all they find is my entry of said book being on the banned list.  But I giggle at the most popular thing that brings them here.  You see, I once did an entry on two books: Catching Fire and Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.  Now, every time someone looks on the interweb for the Catching Fire symbol (I'm guessing the mockingjay pin Katniss wore), they get my blog. How dissapointed they must be.

Anyway, I think it's amusing.  So I thought I would share it with you. The number in front is how many hits I've received out of the last 500 for said keyword.

8 catching fire symbols
6  symbols in catching fire
5  Susie wants a pair of skates
4 catching fire symbolism
4  three levels of Christmas
3  activities to do just before Christmas
3  Why was the book War Of the Worlds by H.G. Wells put on the banned book list
2  Darcy the dragon book (seriously, people look for this?)
2  things to do 4 days before Christmas
2  Random Christmas stuff
2  12 days before Christmas

So now I want to know: what random keywords bring strangers to your blog over and over?  Do any of them make you laugh?


Anonymous said...

Most of my search engine traffic came from stuff that was NOT okay... I posted about it here: http://fluentbrittish.wordpress.com/2008/08/07/fluent-brittish-not-a-place-for-perverts/

(sorry that I'm too lazy to embed a link)

I changed my privacy settings because I didn't want those people sticking around.

Ginger said...
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Amy Sorensen said...

My most common keyword hits are to my book note about The Painted Veil and to the one I wrote about the poem On Blossoms.

it is WEIRD that those are the most common, don't you think?

I have gotten a lot of traffic (well, "a lot" is of course subjective!) to my 9-patch tutorial, too, though.

Lucy said...

I am not googleable. I'm too open and much too sensitive for the meanness of the world. So...no search engine funny stories here. There is somebody who links to me from Belgium though and to make it even weirder is the Belgian site is about traveling to the Congo. I have no idea! But, every few weeks, somebody from that site views my blog. It's bizarre.

Apryl said...

Ha ha, I totally just searched the "catching fire symbol" and you were the 2nd blog! (Not that I didn't believe you, I just wanted to try it!) (I should probably look at my stat counter some time...)

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