Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy birthday to the USA

So, this is a little of what we've done this weekend:

Thursday, Ben and Thomas went swimming. They both just completed 3 weeks of swimming lessons, which means they can swim now!! This means I had an awesome time watching and catching some rays from the pool chair. 

Friday I got a pedicure. 

Then we went to the zoo.  It was awesome!  It was only open for another hour by the time we got there so we didn't have to be there a long time.  That is my way to do the zoo!

there is a tiger in the background...he's on the left, hiding by the pole. 

Saturday I "ran" in a race.  It was more of a fashion show, complete with costumes and photographers (aka "the husbands").  It was a ball.  Our team was called "The Swans" and we each had a black or white counterpart.  We made tutus and headbands and did funky Black Swan makeup for the occasion.  It was fun getting dirty for a good cause.

My white swan.

I still got it...well, kind of.

Flock of swans, sending each other off into the world to get dirty.

Sunday we drove go carts and did fireworks at the Bell's house. 

Melanie made me a cake.  She is so nice!!

Today we went swimming.  It was cloudy all day, until we came home from the pool (this is my luck.)  Then we bought a new camera and we all took some practice shots.

Ben wanted a picture of Racooney.  Here it is.

Self-portrait.  Better than some I've taken, honestly.

Now we are waiting for it to get dark so we can light some fireworks.  I love the 4th of July - it is one of my favorite holidays.

Happy 4th to you!!  What made your 4th great?


Amy Sorensen said...

chocolate cake. A nap. A run. Mowed the lawn and gave one of my rosebushes a mullet. Coolest fireworks ever.

But, I didn't take one single, solitary picture. WTH, right??? Weird of me. ah, well. Life goes on. Love your toes!