Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas: Report

How was your Christmas? I'm sure it was every bit as wild/frustrating/fun/remarkable as ours. But, in the spirit of remembering all the little things, here's some stuff I want to make note of:

  • My kids were crazy over presents. I spent most of Christmas Eve being mad at them because they went rogue and opened up presents at 10am without permission (sarcasm is not permission and, by the way, is not super effective for a 6 year old.) Therefore no Christmas Even jammies for them. But it was kind of okay, because there jammies were character jammies and I didn't relish the thought of character jammy pictures the next day. One day I'll laugh about it.
  • We spent Christmas Eve Eve with friends and Christmas Eve with other friends and both nights were full of fun and laughs and yummy food.
  • I was amazed at my friend Melanie who can cook an entire pan of sweet potatoes in less than a half an hour with a singular stick of butter. That lady can do anything in the kitchen. I had my doubts but she did it and the sweet potatoes were perfect. Hats off to you, Mel!
  • Our reading of Luke 2 was just a little more exciting this year - Ben read a few verses. Yay for first graders!
  • I loved having Christmas on Sunday. I had two moments that were amazing in church - one was a very touching testimony by someone I didn't know, and another a piano duet by two young women in in the ward. Amazing.
  • I made 7 dozen rolls, 1 bundt chocolate cake, 4 dozen Swedish butter cookies, pull aparts, and breakfast casserole.
  • It was a technology year with each member of my household receiving something new to waste time on. Yay us.
  • My favorite gift?  A bracelet from Shane's mom. I haven't taken it off since the moment I opened it.
  • I met my newest great-nephew. He is so sweet!
  • Took a picture of all my sweet great-nieces and nephews born this year.
See, I've already forgotten so many things that I wanted to say. But I loved Christmas. And I loved when it was over. I took my tree down yesterday but left up all the other decorations. I'll have a hard time taking down the garland and the nativities, but the tree was just too sad without any presents around it.

What do you want to remember from this year? Write it down before you forget!


heidikins said...

This Christmas was loud. That's my take-away. Loud and not for the right or even the best reasons.

Apparently, I am not a "kids for Christmas! Yaaaay!" kind of person, which I feel okay admitting here on your blog, hidden in the comment section, but don't really think I can put on my own blog.

Whatever. Kids are loud.


heidikins said...

And if those loud kids in question are not your own...it's overwhelming. It's overwhelming after 10 minutes, after 5 days it's...it's enough to make you want to become Jewish. Or Muslim. Or something that doesn't celebrate Christmas.