Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in books

 2011 was an okay for reading. I checkout out a lot of books and even finished a few of them. I hate to admit it but I've let a lot of my reading time go to wasting time on the internet (I'm so ashamed!) I need to be better about reading in 2012, Facebook or no Facebook.  Here are the ones I read all the way through.
The Book Thief - I read this for SDBBE. I've read it before but I really enjoyed reading it with my exchange girls.

Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox - also read this for SDBBE. I loved the flashbacks to the pre-war Edinburgh.

The Reapers Are the Angels - this one I read twice. A book that has zombies but isn't really about zombies, but beauty and love and god and redemption. So wonderful.

Year of Wonders - I think this is my favorite Geraldine Brooks book. It is painful to read in places, but is such a good example of how liturature shows us how to rise above the circumstances and find good in any situation. Even the plague.

Spoiled - teenage melodrama, but cute and fun. This was my first book I ever read that was recommended by NPR. NPR is now one of my favorite places to get book recommendations.

Cold Sassy Tree - it took me 3 tries to read this book. I kept trying to read a different story than it was so I was frustrated (I know that doesn't make sense, but whatever.) Once I settled down and read the story Olive Burns had really written, I loved it.

Til We Have Faces - a retelling of the myth of Psyche and Cupid. I read this one with my SDBBE girls, and I enjoyed it even more for reading the comments. Plus wasn't familiar with the myth, so it made me smarter. Or not.

The Graveyard Book - my first Neil Gaimon book, and I liked it. I've also tried to read American Gods, but it was so foul-mouthed (even for me!) that I didn't finish it. I would like to read more of his books.

East of Eden - one of my favorites in the whole world. I even quoted 3 pages of it in my talk for my dad's funeral.

A Month of Summer - read this for SDBBE exchange. I read it right before my dad died but when I knew he probably wouldn't be around for much longer, so it has some bittersweetness to it.

State of Wonder - first Ann Patchett book. Loved it. Still need to talk with Britt about it.

One Day - I really want to see the movie of this. I read this on the beach in September and it was a perfect beach read.

The Night Circus - Love love loved it. I don't like the idea of circuses because they always have freaky and mean characters, but this book wasn't this way. It was about a circus but not a typical circus. Read it. Probably my favorite book of the year.

Matched - I liked this. I still need to read the sequel, but I'm not in a big hurry for some reason.

Before I Go To Sleep - this one was very clever and kept me guessing the whole time.

Uglies - I don't love this series. I read the first book but I couldnt' do the second and didn't even try the third. Meh.

Bud, Not Buddy - I recently saw this on the shelf at Thomas's school and smiled because I'd read it the month before. I didn't love it, but I liked it.

Birthmarked - I raced through this book. I think the main character was too self-possessed and good for a 16 year old, but I enjoyed it. I did not enjoy the sequel, however. Maybe I need a break from adolescent dystopias. And, while I'm on the topic, read this. It's really funny.

Books that I started but didn't finish:

1Q84. Wanted to love it, but didn't. Got about 100 pages in and gave up. It had over 700, and I only had it for 3 weeks.

Falling Together - Marisa de los Santos. I was sad this didn't grab my attention more. I loved Belong to Me and Love Walked In. Disappointing.

Prized - sequel to Birthmarked. Also disappointing. Hated that the author took the main character from one dystopia to another.

Tiger's Wife - I will get back to this one eventually.

I have a few books on the bookshelf for 2012. They include 1984, River of Smoke, The DoveKeepers, Cutting for Stone, and Chocolat.

So what was your favorite book of 2011? What are you going to read in 2012?


Lucy said...

Great list. I hope I find the will to read again and I'll be looking at this list for inspiration when that time comes!

britt said...

I love that I've read almost every book on this list, too! I have the Night Circus in my lap right this second!

Heidi said...

I love love LOVE East of Eden! I'm so glad you love it too.

Also, Cold Sassy Tree was required reading for a summer project when I was in high school (it must have been for an AP class) and I loved it then and have been meaning to re-read it, adding it to my ever-growing pile. :)