Monday, January 16, 2012

Currently: stuff I am worrying over

I am taking one out of Britt's book and doing this.

  • Celebrating: My 13th wedding anniversary. Today. We're going out to dinner on Friday night. We are super festive like that. I do love that husband of mine. To celebrate, I entertained my kids all day with the TV and math flash cards. One of those was their choice, the other wasn't. Wanna take a guess?
  • Rejoicing: my kids go back to school tomorrow! Thank heaven! I can't wait to have them go to bed at night again! I love exclamation points!
  • Worrying about: Shane's grandpa, who has cancer. He doesn't live anywhere near here so I can't do much to help him.
  • Avoiding: Coke. I gave it up on January 1st. I am always either indulging or depriving myself of the stuff. One day I'll get a handle on my love for soda. Or....I won't.
  • Reading: The Time Traveler's Wife. On my Kindle. I decided I had to break myself into this whole digital reading experience with something that I knew and loved, and since I read it most years, I decided on that one. I have to admit I'm liking it.
  • Excited: that the One Day movie was as good as the book. They had to snip little bits out here and there, but over all - it was fantastical. I love it when they get things right.
  • Sore: from doing too much last week. I've added a new exercise regimen to my life, and I got a little (okay, a lot) too excited. My knees are feeling it. I took it easy today and am going to remember that my knees aren't as young as they used to be, and that running is my real love so I have to do everything I can to keep them good.
  • Feeling: glad and sad the Christmas decorations are down. I kept them up until Saturday and while it felt good to get everything organized and put away, I hate the spare look of things.
  • Craving: chocolate. I've mentioned before that as soon as I give up soda I drink massive amounts of hot chocolate. Plus I'm cold and nothing is cozier than heating up the kettle and pouring a nice hot cup of hot chocolate.
  • Obsessing over: Pinterest. I just got on this weekend (thanks Mel!!) and now I'm doing all sorts of weird braids to my hair and trying to figure out cool stuff to put on my boards (side note: I'm so out of my league with the Pinterest! People are insanely creative and while I might come up with a few running skirts to add to the community, I'll be pretty sparse otherwise.)
  • Laughing: that one of our neighbors took down their OUTSIDE trampoline and put it in their livingroom. I don't even want to think of the damage that would occur should I put up our (full size) trampoline in our house as they did. Seriously, WTF?
  • Hoping: that my friend's husband gets out of the hospital soon. He went in for brain surgery over a week ago and has been in the ICU ever since. He's doing well, just his sodium levels and the parts of the brain that control them are all wacked out. If you think of it, say a little prayer that he comes home soon.
  • Listening: to Adele, to Florence + the Machine, to The Fray.
  • Watching: some basketball game on TV. My husband insists on turning on sports and then leaving the room and me, who is stuck watching Charles Barkley (Damn you, Charles Barkley!) and the gang commentating on squeaky-shoed men throwing around a ball.
  • Wearing: jeans, my favorite cami with a summer shirt over it, favorite black Nike Jacket, and some braids that I learned to do tonight (see "obsessing over" above.)
  • Wishing: that it was February 1st. Because then it isn't January and I can drink soda. But will I? Ack, it sucks giving it up because starting it again gets me nowhere, except for Cafe Rio Hunter which has The World's Best Vanilla Coke.
So, what are you up to currently?


Anonymous said...

Please feel free to steal anything you want from my blog!!

We should meet at Cafe Rio on February 1 and drink Vanilla Cokes together. Oh yum!