Monday, February 20, 2012

February love Number 13

Thanksgiving 2009 was the first - and only, I might add - year I had Thanksgiving at my house. We had a unique year where we didn't have anywhere to be, so I decided to cook. I remember getting up super early to put in the turkey and looking outside and deciding immediately to go for a run. I donned on tights, skirt, jacket, gloves, hat - everything I would need to stay warm. I could see it was freezing outside just by the pattern of frost on the rooftops of my neighbors house. Notwithstanding, I headed out into the cold, my eyes streaming with tears from the sudden temperature change.

I remember this run because of the day, it being Thanksgiving. It took me a block or to to acclimate to the cold, but once I did I found myself flying (or at least my approximation of flying - I'm not fast, remember?) I remember the singular feeling while coming home of the skin on my thighs being cold even while the rest of me was warm, but it was kind of cool feeling that - a little reminder that it was, in fact, below freezing. I also remember this run because it seems as though it was the line of demarcation: before this run I felt a little afraid of cold-weather running. After - I loved it.

As long as I am prepared for it, running in the cold is my favorite. I require an ear warmer and gloves - even if I know I will probably take them off, I have to have them to begin a cold-weather run. I also trust no other jacket than my favorite black Nike fleece. Paired with a long-sleeve tech shirt it I can stay warm even when the temperatures are in the 20's. Mm, love being a little cold but warm at the same time.

Last summer when it finally got warm, I noticed how much warmer-weather running sucks. I mean, I'll do it and I can appreciate beauty of watching the sun rise on a summer's from the perspective of a run and all that, but when it's really hot - it makes me feel like a slug. I have a hard time forcing myself through space. The heat creates within me a particular exhaustion and then I slow down and never really speed back up. I hate that feeling then and wish for the cooler temperatures to come back.

Winter running - it's the best. Well, as long as the wind is going the right direction and it isn't snowing or raining (I don't run in wet weather. Cold you can get over, but not being wet and cold. Blech.) Are you with me?


Amy So said...

I do like running in the cold...but only sort of. I'm usually OK once I get going, but I HATE to get going. Maybe it's because I haven't found my perfect jacket? It's also because I don't want to carry anything. So I try not to take too much extra, and then I'm unhappy. Plus my ITB hurts more in the cold. Yeah...writing it out? Makes me see I don't love cold weather running.

I don't mind it when it's hot though!