Friday, February 17, 2012

February love 12

On January 1st, I gave up soda. I went the whole month of January without any coke, which wasn't hard but at the same time was. I have certain times of day that I like to go for a coke: usually after my run/exercise, and while my kids are still at school. It's a little indulgence that I would allow myself a few days a week; it was a little sad not doing it, but I survived.

So now I've had exactly 4 cokes this month. As I pulled up to the 7-11 to grab a soda today (because I'm sick and coughing and I just gave in!) I realized one thing in this life that I love: premix soda machines. You know - the ones that have a button that says "vanilla" or "cherry" or "lime" that adds the flavor to your drink. I can get the perfect vanilla coke, unlike my pathetic attempts at adding the syrup to the coke at other gas stations.

Mm. Perfect vanilla coke. It's making me happy today. I'll probably give it up again tomorrow.