Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Love Number 8

(Every time I write the titles to my post I think of that song "Mambo Number 5" and I giggle. Sorry, random. But I had to say it.)

So we were discussing what we should have for dinner this afternoon as I laid on the couch, Disney Channel in the background, I instantly knew what I wanted to eat. I had been cold since the moment I entered church, and even the hot chocolate I drank before lunch didn't make me warm. My head hurt and I just wanted to take a nice Sunday nap (which wasn't going to happen.) Suddenly, I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner: tomato macaroni soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Mmm. I love savory much more than sweet. A hot grilled cheese sandwich dipped in soup is divine. We have a perfectly seasoned sandwich maker that I got at ZCMI when I returned all the doubles of wedding gifts back when we first got married. It reminds me of our first (and only) apartment and learning how to be a married person and the source of meals. And the soup I used to make on a weekly basis when my nieces would come to visit on Saturday afternoons when I was a teenager. My kids have grown up on tomato macaroni - in fact, I made it so often when I was pregnant with Ben he had to have been 50% tomato macaroni.

So today's February love is comfort food. Something warm on a cold Sunday evening. Something that soothes the soul almost as much as the belly.

What is your comfort food?