Monday, February 13, 2012

February love number 9

When I got married, I obtained grandparents. It seemed like unbelievable luck to marry into something that I barely remember having from my own childhood. And each year, Shane's grandparents would give us the same things for Christmas: towels, new pajamas, a shirt, pomegranate jelly, and a box of chocolates. (To this day, the week after Christmas tastes like my mother-in-law's cheese ball, left over cheese potatoes, and chocolates. Mmmm.)

This was the first year that Shane's grandpa didn't do gifts. I can't blame him - his family has grown by leaps and bounds, and it's hard for an 88-year-old man to keep up with that. So last year (that is, 2010) was the last year that our traditional gifts came from Grandpa. But, it was the year that he gave me the best pair of pajamas ever. They are a pair of fuzzy fleece multicolor bottoms that I wear constantly. I've worn them to my kid's karate studio multiple times. I've worn them to shovel snow. If you ever could see my legs when I take my kids to school, you would see me wearing my pajama bottoms. I've even taken them to our friend's house before to put on after dinner when we are all sitting around, shooting the bull. I love them. And I love that this dear man bought them for me to wear to all sorts of inappropriate places.

So today, because I feel like crap and I might be suffering from some sort of flu-ish type sickness (headache, fever, and the chills - I've came to help restore your pluck....ok, I won't go any farther. But if you know what comes next you are old like me.), so I'm in love with my jammies even more. I am planning on heating up a rice bag, putting on the rest of my jammies, and go to bed. Right now. Well, after I post this.

Do you love your pajamas? Which inappropriate place do you like to wear them?