Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Random thoughts from the past few days:

  • Has my chin hair re-emerged, or am I just picking that spot on my chin for no good reason?
  • Why the hell did I teach the cat to drink water out of the faucet? I'm tired of watching her approach the water as if it's something that's going to attack her, then try to bite the water in an attempt to drink it, and then the stupid way she looks afterward with water all over her whiskers. Does she have no shame?
  • How long until my husband finds a job? Can we be done with this trial now?
  • How can an employer say one thing in an exit interview and write something completely different on the exit interview paper?
  • The Pie pizza is the best. Truly. And worth a half hour drive for carry-out.
  • Sometimes nothing feels better than running really hard just to make sure you still feel alive.
  • How long until my husband finds a job? Can we be done with this trial now?
  • How the hell does unemployment work?
  • Thank heaven I didn't buy those Steve Madden shoes...Even with the 15% off, they were out of my (last weeks) budget. And even more out of my (this weeks) budget.
  • It's our turn. Everyone else has done this, it's our turn. But I really hoped to avoid a turn...
  • How long until my husband finds a job? Can we be done with this trial now?
  • Augustus Mcrae and Captain Call - I love you. Seeing you arguing over the merits of having at least one leg with which to kick a pig gave me an excellent excuse to cry on Saturday afternoon.
  • I have awesome friends and neighbors.
  • pleasedon'tcrywhenItellyouthisbecausethenI'llhavetocrytoo,mmkay?
  • How long do I wait to cancel my cable?
  • My sister rocks.
  • Please oh please oh please oh please.... 
  • Betty Crocker I am not because my cake will not turn out the way her's does. Argh.
  • My job is awesome. Someone was really looking out for me the day I found it.
  • Some companies leave much to be desired. Valuing their employees, for example.
  • Can we be done with this trial now?

  • My tulips are gorgeous this year. Gorgeous! I can't stop taking pictures of them.
Oh, and thanks to all for your kind words about Shane's job. I feel kind of bad now sticking that little detail in at the bottom of my post. But I'm awkward at stuff like this. Of course, who isn't? I feel lucky that we've lasted this long. I can now have empathy as well as sympathy, right?


Lucy said...

If my wishes have any weight, then your trial should be over already! I hate that you’re having this “opportunity for growth.”

I haven’t had The Pie in like...14 years. Time for a visit! Pizza on me!

Melanie said...

I'm so mad that you have to have a turn! I'm praying for you, and I have complete faith that you'll get through this. We love you guys!((hugs))