Friday, June 15, 2012

It's here!

We are leaving to drive to Ragnar in 1.5 hours. Gulp.

I wish my first leg was going to be longer. It's only 2 miles, so I feel like I don't have much to prepare for today. A lot of hanging out, a lot of cheering only to run 2 miles and then wait until approximately 4:30 Saturday morning to run again. But, it will be okay. Part of what I love about Ragnar is being with my team, so I shouldn't let my sour attitude about my first leg get me down. I do admit I'm sort of jealous of Amy and her long uphill climb later today. Last year we shared that climb, which was perfect. We conquered the hill together. This year she has to do the whole thing by herself. Our van won't even see her, as she is running a different road than we are driving. She has a crazy leg this year and I know she's gonna do awesome. But I wish it was like last year.

Our Van 1 is already cycling through their first legs. Runner 1 is done and runner two should be about halfway through his 7.6 miles. It freaks me out that I'm still at home in my jammies, puttering about while I wait for Sheila, Dave, Amy and Melanie to get here. But it will be okay, right??

Run. Eat. Sleep? Repeat. Happy Wasatch Back to everyone.