Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ragnar Eve Eve...Wahoo!

You all know of my fondness admiration obsession passion love for Christmas Eve Eve. I now bring you Ragnar Eve Eve!

It's the best! You don't have to train! You don't have to decorate! You don't have kids who are so excited they open up their Christmas presents when they aren't supposed to! You don't have fancy food to make! You just soak in the excitement of knowing that Ragnar is a few short hours away.

So what am I going to do for the rest of the day?

  • Get parking for the Ragnar team squared away. We have 2 passes and 12 people. You do the math.
  • Finish laundry. All my clothes for Ragnar are ready, but the rest of the week's laundry needs to be done by tomorrow night.
  • Grocery shop. Ugh.
  • Start to gather all my crap. Packing for Ragnar is faciliated by gallon sized Ziploc bags. Outfits 1, 2, and 3 fit nicely in their own bag and you have everything you need, together, clearly marked, contained.
  • Make some lists for those persons taking care of my children.
  • Talk about Ragnar some more with my teammates who are also my coworkers.
  • Remind myself of all the people I might see on the course. Squee! So excited.

I cannot wait.

And, sorry about not finishing my 12 Days of Ragnar series. It sounded fun, but you know, life happens.

But, I should introduce you to the team. We have:

  • Amy. Second year Ragnarian/sister. Running leg 11.
  • Brandon. Ragnar virgin/friend of friend. Running leg 3.
  • Dave. Third year Ragnarian/friend. Running leg 10.
  • Kelly. Ragnar virgin/coworker. Running leg 5.
  • Linda. Ragnar virgin/coworker. Running leg 4.
  • Melanie. Ragnar virgin/friend. Running leg 7.
  • Mike. Third year Ragnarian (but first year on my team.) Is in my ward. Running leg 6.
  • Shane. Third year Ragnarian/husband. Running leg 9.
  • Sam. Ragnar virgin/friend of friend. Running leg 1.
  • Sheila. Second year Ragnarian/friend. Running leg 8.
  • Tracy. Ragnar virgin/person in my ward. Running leg 2.

Now you know us. My van is made up of people I've done Ragnar with for at least 2 years and my BFF Melanie. Van 1 is made up of my coworkers, ward members, and friends of friends. Everyone has worked super hard for this and I couldn't be more excited.

48 hours!! Let the wild rumpus start!