Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September. It really existed!

Oh, bloggy, bloggy, blog. I have so neglected you this summer. I've blogged 5 times since Ragnar. In June. Lame.

But, as my title stated, September existed. We lived through all 30 days of it. This is what we did:

* September 1 saw the last of the soda for me. I have a goal to run sorta fast and I'm not going to have soda be the reason I don't make that goal.

* I was asked to sing in the choir for our stake conference in two weeks. I pretty much laughed in the guy's face, but I agreed to show up for 5 weeks of practice. I firmly sat with the crowd labeling themselves "altos" because my voice doesn't go near the notes that are required for the seats labeled "sopranos." (It's actually kind of fun. I stalk a girl named Shelly from my old ward who has a voice that I can both hear and follow the entire practice. She suffers me sitting next to her. And singing in the chapel with a choir sounds pretty cool. I can't vouch that the choir will sound good on October 14 because of me, but I'll show up and sing.)

* I bought a dress. It is so cute and I love it and I wish I could wear it everyday. (I haven't bought a dress that I really liked in years.) I've avoided Macy's since it came to Utah 10 or so years ago, but now that it's open really close to my work I wandered over there one day during lunch and found 3 things I had to have. One was the dress and the other two (a layered ruffle skirt and ruched shirt) I bought and had Shane set aside for me for Christmas. (I'm terrible at buying things for myself.) (But I do like nice things. And I love the oranges and browns and blacks this fall.)

* My kids moved up a belt in karate. Thomas is a blue, Ben is a high yellow. And, best of all: their class is at the same time so I'm not running back and forth to karate 3 times every time they have class.

* I ran my fastest mile. I've been trying to beat my old fastest mile since March.

* I helped my mom one morning organize her garage. We had a lot of fun together and I loved hanging out with her and helping her do something that made a difference. She can park in her garage for the first time in almost 2 years. Wahoo!!

* While visiting my mom, I went on the same (almost) run that I did on the day my dad died. I was missing him and thinking of that day when I realized that I was running in front of my uncle's house. I stopped and ended up seeing both of my dad's brothers. They probably thought I was looney standing there in running clothes, but it was so wonderful to see them. They are living reminders to me of my dad and I can't see them without being grateful for themselves and for my dad. They remind me so much of my dad it makes my heart hurt. But I love them all the same. I hugged both of them and told them I loved them, which is something I've never really done in my life, but since I could hug them and I can't my dad, I took the opportunity. I think it made my dad happy.

* I ran 55 miles, swam 4 or so times, and did one ZWOW workout that had me limping for 3 days.

* Finished Enna Burning. And maybe another book but I can't really remember (I am getting old!)

* Went on a lovely hike with Shane and the boys to the Albion Basin in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The weather was perfect and the kids were pretty good about hiking, so it was a good day.

* Visited the Brigham City Temple open house. It was insane - we went the last Friday night before it ended and it took us 3 hours. It was very pretty and I loved seeing the inside of another temple. I didn't take a single picture - yay me.

* Finished Downton Abbey season 2. I'd put it off because I didn't want it to be over (dumb, I know!) and so I finally sat down and finished it one afternoon. But: blessings come to those who wait because that very next Sunday my friend on Facebook put a perfectly legal link to the new episodes that are being aired in England. I get my Downton Abbey fix every Sunday night now - my life is now complete.

* Watched all three Lord of the Rings extended version DVDs with my kids and husband. They were our Friday and Saturday night entertainment for all the weekends in Septemeber. It was fun to go back and watch them. I was super uncomfortable watching the fighting scenes with my kids, and I made Ben hide his eyes a couple of times but it was still awesome. Although, on the very last night, just as we were watching Frodo and Sam and the rest head to the Grey Havens to send off the ship, Ben said "What are these movies about?" It made me laugh (even though I was also crying - can't watch Frodo leave Middle Earth without crying even though I hate him as a character). What are they about? Just friendship and loyalty and courage and doing the impossible and hoping for something when it has zero chance of coming to pass and good and evil and perseverance. Oh, and the Aragorn eye candy isn't bad either. That's all.

* Sucessfully avoided my 20 year class reunion. I did however, run by my high school on what happened to be the day that the reunion started and took a self-portrait. It was as good of a class reunion as I've ever had or will ever need. Go Devils! Long live SHS!

* Made shepherd's pie. Twice. And no one gagged. Mmm, it's so good!

So did you go to your class reunions?


Britt said...

Congrats on the new dress! In a world where it is so hard to find good clothes, that is really great news!

So, uh... wanna send me those links to Downtown Abbey?

Isabel said...

What about links to season two? Netflix only has season one.

Your boys are looking so grown up and adorable.

Did you take the boys and Shane to the open house? What did they think of it?

I work across the street from a Macy's. They have insane sales. Their One Day Sales are awesome. But it's after the ODS that is really good. Watch for them. (One of the execs of Macy's is in my ward, so she gives me the scoop.) Kids clothes go on even bigger sale.

Sounds like you accomplished a lot in September. Too bad we couldn't go to the reunion together. Maybe next time?

Jeanette said...

I too need Downton links :)

And no, I have not attended a single high school reunion.