Friday, January 18, 2013

Hits and misses for January

Hit: Wednesday was  14th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going to work, taking the kids to karate, eating dinner, and fighting with the kids to take a shower and get ready for bed. (In other words: we did exactly what we do every day. But Shane did send me flowers at work which was a lovely surprise and we are going to go to dinner on Saturday night.

Hit: I have boots. Along with 99.9743899989% of the Utah population. I got a brown (short) pair for Christmas and a black (long) pair on Saturday at the Macy's sale. Good times.

Miss: I am not able to find skinny jeans. I found a pair at Cotton On that are black and flowery but I haven't bought then yet because I just. don't. know. how I'm supposed to look in skinny jeans. And if I can pull them off. And where I'm supposed to buy them. And whether I'm gonna look like I'm painted into them. Not that I think others look that way, but I haven't worn tight jeans since the late 90's. Also: I hate how low all the jeans are. Don't they make mid-rise skinny jeans? I mean, I don't want them buttoned up to my rib cage, but seriously, why are they all so low?

Hit: Ben got red skinny jeans for Christmas. He loves them and has worn them every single day since he got them. I didn't even know they made red skinny jeans for boys, but I found some at Target. Score!

Miss: On December 29th I threw out my back. I was helping Shane take down the Christmas tree (I never do that, what was I thinking I ask you?) and I pulled the middle section away from the bottom section in an awkward little pull and then twisted and set it down. When I went to reach down to grab the bottom section, I felt my back seize up right behind the bony part of the hip that is on the side of my spine. I spent the next 3 days icing my back, wanting to cry when I sat down on the toilet, and cursing my back. It still bothering me but in the sciatic nerve way. I hate hate hate sciatic nerve pain more than almost anything in the world. I went to a physical therapist a week after I injured it and he popped my back for me, which made me make an unworldly awful noise but it was because of  the wonderfulness of it (I had wished in the very moment after my back crumpled that I could pop it to make it stop hurting.) I seriously wanted to skip back time to the moment before he popped it just to be able to feel the awesomeness of it again. If I weren't already married I might have offered to bear his children just from gratitude. He gave me some hokie exercises that actually work when I do them. And I'm slowly getting back to normal. I stopped taking ibuprofen earlier this week to preserve my stomach. I've learned that motion makes it feel better than no motion, so I ran at the gym today for 2.5 slow but blessedly exhilarating miles. I'm trying to be patient.

Hit/Miss: my kids have been off track since December 22. I am more than ready for them to go back to school. Hallelujah they go back on Tuesday.  I had them read for an hour every morning before they could do anything else just so I knew that they didn't spend the entire day playing Minecraft on the X Box and watching TV. I'm not really ready to get back to homework and after school snacks, but I'm ready for them to have somewhere to go and something to do.

Hit: my stake was asked to read the Book of Mormon 3 times in 3 month starting in November. I've only read one other book in the past three months. I've really enjoyed it. I've noticed things I've never noticed before and have learned a lot from doing it. But: reading 18 pages of scripture a day is freaking hard! I'm looking forward to reading some more temporal reading matter when I finish in 13 days. (I'm currently on chapter 36ish  of Alma - Alma talking to his second son, Shiblon. And my favorite new character whom I've never really noticed in prior readings is Zeezrom.)

Hit: our BFFs John and Melanie visited us for a few hours the day after Christmas. It was so much fun to see them again. I wish we lived closer but loved spending time with them.

Miss: Like Amy, I just want to sit at home and drink hot chocolate. Or, even better, get it from Starbucks. Peppermint hot chocolate: I love you!

Hit/Miss: My work started a biggest loser contest. They had a machine that measured the amount of antioxidants in your body. My score was a D-. Which is a miss because it's so low but a hit because at least it isn't an F. The hit part of this is that I'm starting to buy more fruits and veggies for us to eat. Yay for eating healthier! (Remember the hurt back causing the non-exercise and all the hot chocolate?)

Hit: It's Friday before Thomas goes back to school and his science project is due. We are doing his science experiment right NOW. We didn't leave it until the last minute. Score!

Hit: I gave up soda. Shane gave up salt. Supposedly forever. Gulp.

What are your hits and misses lately?


Amy Sorensen said...

Hit: updating your blog! I've missed it! :)

Amy Sorensen said...

Hit: updating your blog! I've missed it! :)

Lucy said...

Definitely a hit when you blog!

I still don't have riding boots. I even have a couple of tapered leg jeans (feel dumb calling them skinny jeans) but wear them with flats instead of boots because it's all just....too much of a look. The other night at Pack Meeting, even Jay, who never notices anything, asked me if I hadn't gotten the memo to wear boots with my jeans tucked into them.

Sorry about your back. I am glad the physical therapist knew what to do to help fix you.

I do not miss the year-round schedule. How odd to still be home.

Fun to see Melanie!

I think you are healthy and wonderful and definitely not a D-, with or without soda drinking.

Isabel said...

What do you mean you don't know how you're supposed to look in skinny jeans? HELLO. You're supposed to look AWESOME. My favorites are my ones from Gap. They aren't as low as the others I have. You might want to try Ann Taylor Loft also. But my Marc Echo ones are LOW. (How do you wear your boots if you aren't wearing skinny jeans?)

Ken got red skinny jeans for Christmas too. Unfortunately he can't wear them to work. But they are HOTT.

How's your back now?