Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ben's Baptism

On Saturday, Ben was baptized.

That sentence is loaded. It means so many things depending on the angle that I look at it.

On one hand, I did it. I had two kids. Both chose to be baptized at 8. I worried about both of those days for years and years before hand. It is a relief to me. Our family isn't typical (are there really any typical families?) It has never been an assumption for me that my children would be baptized. A fervent hope. I've tried to set a good example and teach them the why's and the what's of the gospel. But 8 is really young. I am very grateful.

On another hand, it's bittersweet. I have two kids and both are older than 8. There aren't anymore children behind them. Age 8 isn't a "young" child. And while I can go to the gym without getting a babysitter or run to the store without kids, it is strange to know that my kids are this big.

But, hands and bittersweetness aside, Saturday was a good day. My nephew Clint baptized and confirmed Ben and did a great job. We had support from friends, family, ward members, and neighbors. The night before I panicked because I hadn't invited a man from our old ward. He was our home teacher for almost 10 years. He stood in the circle for both of my kid's blessings and for Thomas's confirmation. Shane and he were good friends - in fact I joke that Arkin has probably done more for Shane's eternal salvation than anyone else on earth. So I was sad I hadn't invited him. It was a tender mercy when I rounded the corner at the stake center and saw him there, helping to direct the flow of families as they journeyed from baptism to confirmation. I was glad I could ask him to stand in the circle as Ben was confirmed as well. I know it's cheesy, but God really is in the details of our life.I asked Kendell, my brother-in-law, to witness and also stand in the confirmation circle. I found myself down a witness so our current home teacher was able to stand in as well. I feel lucky that I have many people around me who can help. I missed my two nephews Jeff and James who weren't there. And of course, my dad. But he was there, I'm sure of it.

After the baptism, everyone came over for brunch. Despite my unintentionally crunchy breakfast casserolls, all of the food was wonderful. We had fruit and cookies and my mom's pull-a-part rolls and Amy's chocolate cake and juice and strawberries. The kids played Xbox and hotwheels and legos. My little great-nieces posed for me, using the bottom shelf of the bookcase as a bench. I sat on the couch with my sister Suzette and my nieces and my mom chatting. I loved seeing everyone enjoying themselves at my house.

I am so blessed. I feel so lucky to have so many people around me who support my family. It was a good day.

Now, some pictures. Forgive me - many of the group shots caught people mid- bite. It just means the food was goo--ood. 

 My cute family.

 Ben and Clint.

 My sisters and my mom. Love!

 Kaleb and Ben. We've been taking pictures like these since they were born.

 Me and Shelly. I wish she still lived by me!

 Ben and his cousins.

 Me and Vonnay.

 Shane and his mom.

 Shane's favorite ladies.

 Look at these cuties!

 Josie and Oakley.

Luke and Oakley.


Melanie said...

Why am I sitting here bawling? I miss you guys so much! I'm sorry we couldn't share your special day with you. But we were there in spirit. I swear I thought about you that entire day, and didn't even realize why until you texted me later. Love you!

Isabel said...

What a beautiful post. It looks like it was a perfect day!! Everyone, especially Ben, looks so happy. (Also, could his hair be any more perfect? No, it could not.)

I'm glad it went well. And I'm glad you had such a good spirit there.

Isabel said...

P.S Those little kids are ADORABLE. I want to just nibble on their cheeks!

Lucy said...

Wow. This is really cool. What an incredible mom and wife and sister and friend you are. I'm glad Ben had such a neat day and was surrounded by so many people who love him.