Thursday, March 7, 2013

Slow spinning redemption.

(Thank you for all your kind words from my last post. You all made me feel so loved.)

I've been having a pity party of one for quite a while, as you all experienced with my last post. I don't like to post when I'm sad. I'm not sad very often. But life happens and it eventually shows you who is boss. Life - 1. Becky - 0. I'll take my losses.

I went running today. I picked a route that is as familiar as my favorite pajama pants. I could do it in my sleep. I debated running on the new trail near my house but running it is a reminder of who I've been since December and not who I normally am, so I didn't run it. My run was fine - not great, not bad, just average. Part of the problem for me is that I generally don't feel pain from my back while I run - I just pay for it afterward. But I talked to the doctor again this week and she assured me I can't do anything to hurt it worse than it already is. I might as well run, right?

So I'm (trying to be) done with the pity party. I've consumed the appetizers, the main course, and had desert with hot chocolate. I'm ready to ditch this awful gloom.

On my run today I listened to this song over and over. I know it isn't fun to read song lyrics, but I'm going to put them out there anyway.

need freedom now  
I need to know how  
To live my life 
as it's meant to be
(And I won't let you choke On the noose around your neck)
And I
 will change my ways

(The Cave, Mumford and Sons.)

And there's this one
dangles on a string
 like slow spinning redemption  
Winding in and winding out, 
the shine of it has caught my eye  
And roped me in, 
so mesmerizing 
so hypnotizing
I am captivated,
 I am 
(Vindicated, Dashboard Confessional)

Not my words, but they come close to how I am feeling.

And there's this one, that I read last night that gives me comfort that I can do what Amy hoped for me in her lovely post yesterday.

Be Still
I am God.
Psalms 46:10


Lucy said...

I am cautiously optimistic for you but really wish I could just see you over lunch or in a comfy living room with a fountain soda to sip on and really know if you are ok. I hope so!

heidikins said...

I love "Vindicated" it is one of my go-to songs for a bad day.

Love to you, my dear.


Becky K said...

Lucy - I miss those days!!! I wish we could as well. Thanks, friend!

Becky K said...

That Dashboard Confessionals guy doesn't have a great voice but his lyrics are perfect. Love to you too.