Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'd like to thank my agent....

I cringe a little when I think of December 29, 2012. It was six months ago today. It was also the day I was lifting a Christmas tree and poof! My back collapsed.

I'd like to think that 6 months dealing and healing has changed me for the better. I have more compassion when I hear about others who have back pain. I understand my dad and his never-ending back saga (2 back surgeries, with shaved discs and multiple fused vertebrae) in a way I never did before. I remember him laying on the floor, reading the newspaper next to a tall icy glass of water, calling out to my mom (or whoever else would listen), "My legs, Sue, my legs. I can't stand the pain in my legs!" Now, when my mom talks about her back I can relate.

I know it has made me more grateful. I feel gratitude for days when I don't have to take ibuprophen (which happens more and more lately.) It is a relief to bend over to brush my teeth or stand up from a chair without pain radiating down the back of my leg (most of the time.) Sitting in an uncomfortable both at a restaurant is no longer a lesson in torture. The day I was able to do a yoga sun salutation (however glacially slow!) was a success - I could touch the floor with my legs straight! I could hold downward dog! I could roll up slowly with only a twinge of pain at the very end! It's true that long car rides make me nervous, and I still think of the possibility of it collapsing again when I'm running down a long hill. But for the most part, I'm feeling hopeful. And mostly normal. Which is such a wonderful thing!

I feel like I'm giving an Academy Award acceptance speech. So, without further ado, I'd like to thank the Academy for giving me this day, June 29, 2013, a mostly back-pain-free day. I couldn't have completed this amazing journey without the 125+ ibuprophen 800 mg I've taken. My inspiration came from the months of meditation - Oprah and Deepak - you have my gratitude. Let's see, who have I forgot? My physical therapist - I was too cheap to visit you more than twice, but your exercises made all the difference. Black foam roller - you know what you've done for me. I love ya, Blackie. My husband, for listening to me whine and complain for 6 weeks before I went to the doctor, and the team at TOSH for refilling prescriptions and fielding my confusing and slightly-panicked follow-up phone calls. Also...oh wait, there's the music. Thank you June 29, 2013. If for nothing else, for not being December 29, 2012.


Melanie said...

I'm glad your back is feeling better! :)

Britt said...

I'm sorry about your back, Becky. But so glad to hear you're on the mend!

heidikins said...

This actually made me tear up a little, as one with 5+ years of back/neck/hip pain, I TOTALLY feel you here.

(Ha! A pun! One I just realized and am not changing.)