Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year...A Ragnar Eve tribute

It's here! Ragnar Eve! Which technically, I like Ragnar Eve-Eve better, but I didn't have time to blog. But yay, it's today! And tomorrow right now I should be done with my first leg - a 2.5ish mile straight-as-a-pin jaunt in Odgen Valley. There isn't a single hill or turn. Boring! But maybe that will make me fast.

Ragnar is a half-hearted event this year. Shane keeps claiming it is a Farewell Tour - we'll see about that. I'm kind of tired of being the team captain. I did delegate - I didn't rent the van this year, a first. That means I don't have to drive the whole time! I'm also doing a new leg - 8 - instead of 12, w which I've done for the past 2 years. I keep wondering - how long do I keep running the same race? But at the same time, I can't imagine having a June without Ragnar. It wouldn't feel like summer. A possible replacement race: Top of Zion Relay. Amy - you interested?

But for today, I'm enjoying what the day before Ragnar always entails. It's getting all the running clothes in the house clean. It's buying sports drinks, chocolate milk, and athletic tape at Walmart. It's doing my Friday chores a day early so they are done. I've got spaghetti with salad and french bread for dinner. My ziplock baggies are ready for packing all 3 of my running "outfits" and I rememberd to buy batteries for the headlamps. I bought three new Imagine Dragons songs, one Lumineers, and one Mumford & Sons. I think I'm ready.

Ragnar 2013 here we come! Go team Chafing Tail.

Is anyone you know running Ragnar? Do you think they are crazy for doing it?


heidikins said...

Happy Ragnar!!!